Production of ones own web page please

  Enoch 17:37 18 Jun 2006

I would like to produce my own web page containing family photo's, but although I am a reasonably proficient on the PC (for a very senior) I do not know how to the own web page.

Has anybody got a simple method, not too technical, of how to do this oneself

  ade.h 17:42 18 Jun 2006

Well, it's a fairly steep learning curve, whatever you start with. Serif, NOF or Nvu are probably the best bet for rookies. I have used NOF almost from day 1 and it's pretty easy for all but the most sophisticated websites. Serif is quite easy as well, but there are far fewer Serif users around in the Webdesign section click here. Nvu is open-source, so may be ideal to get you started.
FP is quite easy to use as well, but you should not be thinking of paying serious money for your kind of usage.

  Graham ® 18:00 18 Jun 2006

for my site click here

It's a bit fiddly setting it up, but then it's dead easy to update.

  Splodge 18:19 18 Jun 2006

Search for "Arachnofilia" on the web, it is free and I can manage to produce some sort of web page.

Go to click here to see one of them.
Bit finicky but you will soon learn it!

I am 76, so ,, if I can you will be able to do so!

  Bagsey 18:26 18 Jun 2006

Try click here it is free and as far as I have been able to find out unlimited.
I use it for photos and it can be shared with friends and family . If you email me I will send you an invite to view my slideshow of our holiday visiting the temples etc. on the Nile.It is easy to use and requires no special software on your computer.

  Enoch 06:11 19 Jun 2006


Thanks for the web link. It is just what I want. I will experiment and come back to this link and report my progress

  Enoch 06:38 19 Jun 2006


On inspecting the site you suggested, isn't really just a photo developing service like most of the others, which will earn (quite rightly) on people ordering prints from it, or have I got it wrong. The photo's I would be putting on it is from a major birthday party of my wife and myself and the web page is for friends to see all the pictures and I am nervous of them thinking that I expect them to pay for prints.

  Bagsey 08:36 19 Jun 2006

Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes they do sell photos etc. But the DO NOT give any assle. I have been using the site as a storage site for about 3years under a different email address and apart from the odd offer of money off or 20 free prints I never hear from them. The site is basically a storage site for photos but they have added a slide show option which I am using at the moment. I would reccomend that you give them a try. Use an akias address if you are worried about spam, you can always cancel if you find that you are not happy.Good luck and as I said email me if you want to have a look at a slide show on the site.

  Bagsey 08:38 19 Jun 2006

Senior moment!!!. it should read ALIAS address.

  pj123 12:38 19 Jun 2006

Most ISPs give free web space where you can upload personal stuff. You need to contact your ISP and tell them that you would like to use the free web space. They will then give you a user ID and a password and (generally) how to upload your photo's etc to it.

It can be password protected so that only people you want to access it will be able to, otherwise it will be available for the whole world to see.

  spuds 13:17 19 Jun 2006

If its just for family and friends, then check out your ISP, who may provide some form of members web-page, usually as part of the internet package.

Failing that, try someone like 1&1 click here who provide a free 'try before you buy' demo site.

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