Product key FOR MICROSOFT WORD 2000 ??

  jonpep 11:20 18 Aug 2004

I am running windows xp home with pre-istalled software. I would like to use the above programme but do not have the product key number , I have tried the product key number on the side of the computer, but that does not get me into the programme.
Is there away of finding this product key number? as I have said there is no disc as it was pre-installed.

  MAJ 11:36 18 Aug 2004

Try AIDA32 click here it will give you the serial number, jonpep.

  pmjd 11:49 18 Aug 2004

The serial number and product code aren't the same thing. The product code allows you to install MS word and is used to generate the serial number.

If you can't find the product code can you speak to who ever sold you the computer? That would be your best bet.

If you can't then I'm afraid your stuck. If you can't afford a new copy of MS Office, there are alternatives like Ability Office or StarOffice for ~£40 which do a good job of importing word documents. There is also, the free version of StarOffice, that you can download but unless you have broadband can be a bit of a hefty download of ~65MB.

  ventanas 11:55 18 Aug 2004

I don't understand this, if it was pre-installed the product key should not be needed, it should just work. You only need the key when you install the software.

At first I thought you are trying to reinstall for some reason. All preinstalled Office applications are usually included on the system Recovery Disc, or more normally a separate CD with the key included. But you say you do not have this disc. So is Word installed or not? If it is you don't need the key.
Can you please let us have more info.

  Graham ® 12:05 18 Aug 2004

I think when you install Office everything works except Word. The first time you open it you are asked for the Product Key.

  MAJ 12:12 18 Aug 2004

Yes "Product Key" that's what I meant.

  ventanas 12:13 18 Aug 2004

Office 2000 you enter the product key at an early stage of installation regardless of which sections you are installing. You cannot proceed without it.

Office 2002 and 2003, the same. But you are then asked to activate the first time you open any of the apps.

  pmjd 12:27 18 Aug 2004

I have just run AIDA32 and the most info I get about software are their version number and size installed. There is no option to find out the serial number or product key, how did you find it?

  Graham ® 12:29 18 Aug 2004

You've just sent me an email. Please respond in the Forum. Is this a new PC, or pre-owned?

  ventanas 12:38 18 Aug 2004

Just what I was wandering.

I got an email as well.

  MAJ 12:41 18 Aug 2004

In AIDA32, click the Software icon then the Licenses icon.

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