Product KEY Blocked on Genuine Windows 7

  23790954 14:19 26 Dec 2010

Hello there to all you good forum members again, and may I take this opportunity of wishing you all the best for 2011.
About a year ago, I purchased a genuine copy of Windows 7, the key of which still works correctly if I ever have to activate it.
However, in an attempt to use my Windows 7 software to install on my daughters computer, I purchased, what was advertised as a genuine windows 7 key. This activated the windows 7 system correctly, and everything worked very well for several months, when the hard drive packed up.
As I had a spare hard drive available, I formatted it, and reinstalled windows 7 and all other necessary software. This failed to activate at its first attempt, which did not bother me, as guess what? the second (spare) hard drive also packed up. I then purchased a new hard drive, onto which I installed windows 7 plus all necessary software, and have been running it for about 3 weeks, in which time windows 7 has failed to activate on numerous occasions. I have tested the windows 7 programme, on Microsofts software page, and it does prove that the windows 7 is actually genuine, but each time I attempt to activate it, it comes back that Microsoft is blocking the activation key.
Has Microsoft now decided after many months, that the windows 7 key I purchased in good faith, and have used for many months is now not acceptable to them, and if so, does anyone have a source from which I can purchase a genuine windows 7 key.
Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to all who offer advice.

  bremner 14:26 26 Dec 2010

It is probably because you have changed the hard drive that it will not activate over the Internet.

You need to do a telephone activation answering the questions appropriately.

  iscanut 14:54 26 Dec 2010

Is this any help ? click here

  Dark Mantis 16:30 26 Dec 2010

You state in yopur original post that you ahve a genuine Windows 7 key already that came with the disk so why not use that one?

As bremner said though your problem just lies in the fact that you have changed a major device and windows won't let you use the same code agian. You will have to activate it via telephone.

  lotvic 19:32 26 Dec 2010

You say:
<<However, in an attempt to use my Windows 7 software to install on my daughters computer, I purchased, what was advertised as a genuine windows 7 key>>

this may be your problem, if you purchased just the key for a 'knock-down' price - You may be a victim of the scammers that buy several copies of W7 then sell on just the key (which is genuine) but they sell the same key to hundreds of people, eventually after a period of a few months Microsoft Activation flags this up and then that key gets blocked.

I hope this is not what has happened but it might be.

  23790954 19:38 26 Dec 2010

Many thanks for all your advice. I will use it in an attempt to get the Windows 7 activated.
Incidentally, referring to lotvics suggestion, which appears very plausable, does any member know of a website who does sell genuine windows 7 keys. Thanks again all.

  northumbria61 19:42 26 Dec 2010

"does any member know of a website who does sell genuine windows 7 keys".

You could try looking in this LIST

click here

  lotvic 19:53 26 Dec 2010

If you have any family member in school or college then you might be interested in Software4Students click here which is genuine.

  ashleycardwell94 23:37 26 Dec 2010

dont buy another license. I had 3 hard drive failures and i phoned microsoft. Its automated so you type the numbers in and it says some back to you. if that doesnt work, you talk to a person ( not from the uk ) <-- typical! It is like a strikes. After a certain number of activations, the database has to be reset. If you give them a valid reason eg, hard drive failure, they will reset it no problem. you will then also be able to activate online.

  23790954 12:55 27 Dec 2010

Many thanks ashleycardwell94. I was hoping to get a response from someone who has experienced the same problem. I will do the same as you did in an attempt to get my system activated.
Many thanks, and a Happy New Year.

  bremner 13:17 27 Dec 2010

I would imagine that most people on this thread have experienced the same problem as it is extremely common.

I have lost count of teh number of times I have been unable to activate online and have rung MS. I have never had an activation refused.

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