Product Key

  jessej 10:47 28 Jul 2006

Not long ago I read how to find the XP product key in the Registry. Unfortunately I did not make a note of it and now I can't remember what it was.
I think it started of HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE_ etc.
Can anyone tell me the rest of it please?

  Input Overload 10:52 28 Jul 2006

Jelly Bean click here

  ArrGee 11:13 28 Jul 2006

If you need to know product keys for most of your major applications, download SIW (freeware) click here, run it and click on the 'Secrets' tab on the left

  spuds 11:20 28 Jul 2006

SIW should find it, and many more things. Well worth downloading.

  jessej 11:48 28 Jul 2006

Many thanks for the advice, BelArc also shows it though I'm certain I read somewhere how to find it in the Registry.

It is no problem with my computer as I have all these numbers written down. The problem is with my son-in-laws computer. When I tried to update it recently up popped the message that XP Pro was not genuine. (Reading through old posts, a message that a lot of others have had it would seem) His computer was supplied with XP Pro preinstalled but he doesn't know who supplied it originally as his son (previous marriage) got it for him. They have since fallen out and are not talking to each other.

I don't quite know how knowing the activation key might help but its worth a try.

  billyliv 11:59 28 Jul 2006

Hi jessej. Microsoft scans the Activation (Product) key to ascertain the legality of the operating system. Cheers, Bill.L.

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