product code

  hubdean 17:43 01 Dec 2010

hi can you tell me what the product code is
is it the code on the computer or is it a code that comes with the disk or both

  birdface 17:49 01 Dec 2010

Product code for what.
If microsoft it will give you the keycode on the back of the computer on the COA sticker.Or on the plastic case for the Windows CD.

  hubdean 17:54 01 Dec 2010

my pc / windows cd

  birdface 18:01 01 Dec 2010

All depends is an actual XP disc or a Repair or Driver disc.
If it is in a plastic case does the case have the Keycode on it.
A lot of computers come with a COA sticker on the back of the computer with the kecode on it and no disc.
Not sure about upgrade Discs.

  GaT7 18:03 01 Dec 2010

Use the one on the computer, as that will be the correct Product code/key for it.

If you have a disc that also has a 25-character Product code, then it's most likely a retail version & be meant for another computer/PC. G

  hubdean 20:24 01 Dec 2010

Thanks lads
heres my problem i have an old computer well its 5 years old aprox.
now theres no operating system on it at this time it use to have windows xp home.
i would like to put a new windows xp home back on it that is legal.
so im thinking ebay. but what product code do i use .
do i just use the one that comes with the cd.
and because its win xp home that use to be on the computer everything will be legal again.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:27 01 Dec 2010

"do i just use the one that comes with the cd.
and because its win xp home that use to be on the computer everything will be legal again."


However if it has a COA sticker on the machine with a number you could borrow a XP CD and enter that number when installing and it would still be legal.

  hubdean 20:39 01 Dec 2010

theres a product code on side of the computer it also says winxp home.
im not sure what a COA sticker is ??

  GaT7 20:44 01 Dec 2010

The sticker with Product code is the 'COA sticker'. If you have this (& it's fully legible), then as FB says, you can borrow a XP Home (preferably OEM) disc & install it with that.

If you cannot borrow this, then try to buy one off eBay without the Product code (again XP Home OEM only), as it should be a lot cheaper without the latter. G

  Nontek 20:45 01 Dec 2010

Certificate of Authenticity - it's the hologram that shows that a piece of software is genuine and legitimate.

  hubdean 20:49 01 Dec 2010

its legal then .
Thanks again

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