Producing high quality images from screen prints

  hargaden 14:01 21 Mar 2004

I want to produce a set of hardcopy instructions for friends and family (not computer literate) on how to use a personal website.

I have used screen prints to illustrate these instructions but the quality of the images (.jpgs) are quite poor, and copy and paste are not much better. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can produce better quality images, using print screens, for use in hard copy documents?


  tbh72 14:15 21 Mar 2004

I use the "Print screen button", the important bit I guess is the software you use. I use Microsoft PhotoEditor for simple copy & paste and save files as *.PNG "Portable Network Graphics.

Alternatively you can continue to use your existing software, but change the JPEG compression ratio so that compression is not used. Thus generating a perfect picture.

What software are you using?

  Bagsey 14:20 21 Mar 2004

I have done a similar exercise for school lesson prep. and use the screen capture program Srip32 from click here It is a small dowload and I think very effective.

  Pesala 14:25 21 Mar 2004

Use Alter Printscreen to grab just the dialogue box.

GIF is also fine. High quality JPG tends to be more compact than PNG for photographs.

The size of the dialogue box font can be changed through desktop appearance too if necessary.

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