processors intel or athlon?

  choccy60 15:50 22 May 2003

please can someone without predjudice give me some info re the 2 main makes of processor I am going to buy my very first pc and depending on which shop im in i get different answers It seems to me that the intel are more axpensive but are they worth it for home use and should i just go with the amd athlon as it may suit my needs Ive really puzzles over this as i do want quality but not at too much expense and this is befor i even get to worrying about cdrom and Rams !!!!!!!!

  _Treb_ 16:41 22 May 2003

I've got two pc's running Athlon 650 and Athlon XP1700+. No problems here. I guess you just hav to make the choice. Athlons are supposed to be quicker but cost also comes into it. I think also that you will get reviews from both camps here as well. Sorry not much help is it?

  Pilch.... 16:47 22 May 2003

AMD gives you more MHZ per £.

But it doesnt sip on quality, used them in a few of my machine and so they are good little chips...

But as i said i have inly used AMD as they are cheaper, yet still quick so people with intels may also need to put there point of view accross.

But be warned, AMD v Intel battle you will never get a firm opinion...

If cost doesnt matter then try intel... but if you want a cheaper machine, get an AMD

  BigMoFoT 16:56 22 May 2003

Ahh the ultimate question!!! P4 or AthlonXP!

Preference that's what it's all about!

P4's have more GHz (upto more than 3!) whereas Athlon's are round about 2.2 GHz at the mo - but in terms of performance Athlon's p*%s all over P4's (apparently!).

My preference would be for AMD because as has been said above, they offer better value for money.

My son's PC is fitted with an XP1800+ and my machine has an XP2000+ installed. We have not encountered any problems.

I think that AMD processors run at a higher temperature but this should not be an issue as long as you install an appproved heatsink/fan.

  961 17:17 22 May 2003

You've got the answer in all the above replies....

Athlon is cheaper, Intel runs cooler

Both are super in your new computer.

Don't worry about it

Buy the computer that strikes you as the one you feel is best value

The maker and his support service is probably more important

  jediknight007 18:18 22 May 2003

Since AMD XP CPUs are cheaper than P4 CPUs at similar speeds, you might want to use that bit saved to improve memory or graphics card.

  wunup 18:21 22 May 2003

Just go for the one that gives you the best package for your money.I mean why pay more for 3g when 1 or 2g will more than cope with your needs.Just buy one that suits your requirements and dont worry about the athlon,intel debates.

  Ironman556 19:06 22 May 2003

AMD's are cheaper than Pentiums, and there's not a lot of difference in performance for CPU intensive programs, games etc. Many avid gamers use AMD chips, and if you look at reviews for graphics cards etc. online you'll find that they are often tested on AMD machines.

Depending on what you're going to use the PC for, you may want to consider a Celeron instead of a P4. Again they're cheaper, but the performance isn't as high.

Both AMD and Intel are good for home use, and you should be fine with most "off-the-shelf" packages. Your other option would be to go to a local retailer who will build you a system suited to your needs. I'm currently on a system getting on for 4 years old from DA Computers (local retailer), and although I've added more RAM, hard disk and a CDRW drive, there's still not much it can't handle, just a few of the latest games.

  kane_2002k 19:50 22 May 2003

If you are looking for a more cost effective solution then go with AMD, find that as a platform it is more easily upgradable (i.e. if you were to buy a 2000xp should be ok to move up to 2700xp with minimal hassle, usually just require a bios flash), also motherboards are cheaper. Downside to athlon is that it runs hotter, (and personnlly i really hate the method of attaching the heatsink and fan). Also it is soon to be made redunant for the new 64bit AMD processors, hence prices may fall steeply after you buy.

With a pentium4 positive points are that if you are looking at buying one of the top spec processors (i.e. one of the new 800fsb pentiums) you will find that it soundly outperforms the AMD cpu's. AMD Athlon XP has lost further ground; its current flagship model, the XP 3200+, can only manage a performance somewhere in between those of the 2.6-GHz and 2.8-GHz Pentium 4(800fsb and hyperthreading). However you will be looking at paying more for the motherboard and the processor.

Also depends on what you are planning to use your pc for, tend to find that for MP3 encoding and decoding and other AV rendering and encoding that the pentiums will outperform AMD, while with games the performance is more equal depending on what games you are looking at.

In conclusion i would say that if money is no object, right now you can't do any better then a pentium 4 with 800fsb and hyperthreading. Otherwise an athlon is good too, but really we need the new 64bit AMD's soon for there to be a real competitor to pentiums top of the line processors in terms of performance.

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