flexylexy 10:13 13 Jan 2006

does anyone know a good substitute for a amd athlon xp 3200+socket A(462)512 L2 cache barton PLEASE HELP ????

  rmcqua 10:32 13 Jan 2006

Not sure what you mean by a good substitute. Do you mean a similar CPU that will fit the same m/b, or another type of CPU with similar performance but with a different socket type?
Please expain.

  flexylexy 10:44 13 Jan 2006

same m/b and socket just different cpu ??

  rmcqua 10:56 13 Jan 2006

Sorry, I'm not having much luck. Socket As seem pretty rare these days.

  flexylexy 11:04 13 Jan 2006

can i change the socket on my m/b???

  Belatucadrus 11:20 13 Jan 2006

If you can't track down a suitable socket A CPU, then depending on budget, it may be worth looking up a new MOBO / CPU bundle deal.

  Totally-braindead 11:39 13 Jan 2006

I had a look as well, the fastest socket A I could find was the one you have. I may be wrong but I think the fastest socket A they made was a 3400+, you would notice no difference between what you have and a 3400+. If you want to speed things up then the most cost effective way, depending on what you have, is to add more memory.

  rmcqua 12:31 13 Jan 2006

No you can't change the socket on your m/b. There used to be some socket converters around for some of the earlier types of socket but I haven't seen one that will convert a socket A to anything more recent.
I think I would go with Belatucadrus' suggestion, if funds allow.

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