ramblerjohn 22:39 20 Dec 2004

Help please

I currently have a 1.30 gigahertz AMD Duron Processor.
My motherboard is a ECS K7SOM+1.0
I want to upgrade the processor for more speed my computer is a bit slow at present,what is the best
one to buy.


  myphrill 23:00 20 Dec 2004

John, 1.30GHz is slow for todays standards, buying a new processor will very likely mean buying a new motherboard aswell as processor technology has advanced since the 1.30 came out. I myself am looking to buy an AMD Athlon 64bit 3000. Its fast, 64bit and at its under £100. Hope that helps abit.

  dan 11 23:10 20 Dec 2004

Your board should take up to a Thornton or thoroughbred 2000+ click here according to the motherboard manual click here

Of course the quickest and easiest way to increase the performance is to add more ram. 512Mb performs better than 256Mb and 1 gig of ram can have dramatic effects on the operation of X\P. What operating system and amount of ram do you have?

  sicknote 23:11 20 Dec 2004

Looking Here click here^4378|106_1_XP,00.html it looks like the an athlon xp 2200/266 is the biggest CPU it can take,

  dan 11 14:37 21 Dec 2004

"Dan Thanks for the reply i have 512 ram and os is 98se Cheers john"

Thanks for the e-mail, it's better to put it in the forum as every one can see it and contribute to the thread if they have any comments. 0)

sicknote says that it should take a 2200+ @ 266fsb, but I can't get the link to work. Whether this is through a bios upgrade, or not, will depend on your bios version. Perhaps sicknote could answer that one.

The 2000+ @ 266fsb is the one I saw on the front of the manual. These give clock speeds of 1667Mhz, slightly higher than the 1.3 gig you are using now. If sicknote comes back with a definite 2200+ would work, then you could get up to 1.8 gig clock speed.

Either would be a decent performance leap over the duron 1.3, it would not be massive, but the 256K L2 cache would also make a difference.

The amount of ram you are using for windows 98 is fine.

  sicknote 22:42 21 Dec 2004

you need to scroll down to your board

click here^4378|106_1_XP,00.html

  sicknote 22:43 21 Dec 2004

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