Processor upgrade - worth it?

  SirMetal 22:33 02 Nov 2010

My Celeron D @ 3.46GHz has served me well for the last couple of years, but it hangs regularly, runs quite hot and just doesn't cut it when it comes to newer programs any more.

So, I'm thinking of swapping out my Celeron D with a brand new Pentium.

Here's the comparison:

Celeron D
No. of cores: 1
Core speed: 3.46GHz
FSB speed: 533MHz
L2 cache: 512KB
Manufacturing process: 65nm
Architecture: NetBurst

No. of cores: 2
Core speed: 2.93GHz
FSB speed: 1066MHz
L2 cache: 2MB
Manufacturing process: 45nm
Architecture: Core

I browse the web and watch online video content. In addition, I also like to game, but I cannot do so any more with my current processor. I will also soon start to edit and upload video to my online vlog, so my question is, will swapping out the old Celeron D for the new Pentium give a noticeable performance increase?

By the way, the upgrade is only £65.

My current machine specs are:

Celeron D (as mentioned above)
1GB 533MHz RAM
512MB GDDR3 Radeon HD 3450

PS, my current PSU's maximum power output is only 300W, will this be sufficient?

  woodchip 22:48 02 Nov 2010

Can it be fitted in your Motherboard? will it Work?

  SirMetal 23:04 02 Nov 2010

Thanks for the speedy reply. Yes it will fit.

My motherboard fits processors designed for Socket 775. My Celeron D fits into Socket 775, as does the new Pentium. In addition, the maximum FSB speed that my motherboard can take is 1066MHz, so I believe it should be compatible.

  woodchip 23:09 02 Nov 2010

Seems a bit steep when you can buy Motherboard and CPU upgrade that would do a lot better job for not much more. But you would then need to check that you old hardware would work with the new board. And consider buying a Good 550 Watt PSU

  Devil Fish 23:14 02 Nov 2010

in a nutshell no your celeron is a single core processor either late socket 478 or early 775 (without mobo info) to upgrade to dual core or higher would involve a motherboard and ram upgrade as well

  SirMetal 23:21 02 Nov 2010

My motherboard specifies that it can be used with Socket 775 processors. More specifically:

Pentium 4
Pentium D
Celeron D
Core 2 Duo/Quad/Extreme

  ardubbleyu 08:14 03 Nov 2010

At the very least you may need to update your BIOS so that it recognises the new processor and supports it properly.

  citadel 08:25 03 Nov 2010

not worth it. you can get a motherboard bundle with an i3 cpu and 4g of memory cheap.

  961 09:38 03 Nov 2010

I think Citadel is right about going for a new bundle

One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the rate at which new games soak up ever increasing amounts of processing power

It also seems that the latest one shove even more requirements on graphics cards

  Woolwell 11:32 03 Nov 2010

Edit video - you will need a new hard drive and more ram too. Don't think that it is cost effective.

  Quiller. 14:24 03 Nov 2010

" will swapping out the old Celeron D for the new Pentium give a noticeable performance increase? "



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