processor upgrade advise needed

  mark e 19:06 15 May 2003

I have a Gigabyte GA-7va Motherboard with 1 gig of DDR333 memory.
What type and speed processor do/can I put in the board. The manual says fsb 200/266/333mhz fsb. but which one do I need.

the numbers are getting to me, if it said put XYX or XXX in i would know which one to buy.

Cheers Mark

  MartinT-B 19:12 15 May 2003

for the best effect get a CPu with a FSB of 333 to match your RAM. They'll be 'in synch' then and work more efficiently.

33FSB CPUs are not cheap tho.

  Rayuk 19:14 15 May 2003

Perhaps this may help your decisioclick here

  Rayuk 19:16 15 May 2003

You may need later bios for latest cpusclick here

base Motherboard
Page.1 Model GA-7VA
PCB 1.x
Vender Model FSB 333
AMD Athlon 650 200 OK
AMD Athlon 700 200 OK
AMD Athlon 750 200 OK
AMD Athlon 800 200 OK
AMD Athlon 850 200 OK
AMD Athlon 900 200 OK
AMD Athlon 950 200 OK
AMD Athlon-1.0G 200 OK
AMD Athlon-1.1G 200 OK
AMD Athlon-1.2G 200 OK
AMD Athlon-1.3G 200 OK
AMD Athlon-1.4G 200 OK
AMD Duron 600 200 OK
AMD Duron 650 200 OK
AMD Duron 700 200 OK
AMD Duron 750 200 OK
AMD Duron 800 200 OK
AMD Duron 850 200 OK
AMD Duron 900 200 OK
AMD Duron 950 200 OK
AMD Duron-1.0G 200 OK
AMD Duron-1.1G 200 OK
AMD Duron-1.2G 200 OK
AMD Duron-1.3G 200 OK
AMD Athlon 1.0G 266 OK
AMD Athlon 1.133G 266 OK
AMD Athlon 1.2G 266 OK
AMD Athlon 1.33G 266 OK
AMD Athlon 1.4G 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 1500+(.18u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 1600+(.18u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 1700+(.13u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 1700+(.18u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 1800+(.13u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 1800+(.18u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 1900+(.13u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 1900+(.18u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 2000+(.13u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 2000+(.18u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 2100+(.13u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 2100+(.18u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 2200+(.13u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 2400+(.13u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 2600+(.13u) 266 OK
AMD AthlonXP 2600+(.13u) 333 OK
AMD AthlonXP 2700+(.13u) 333 OK
AMD AthlonXP 2800+(.13u) 333 OK
take you pick

  Rayuk 19:18 15 May 2003

Sorry link in 1st post I made doesnt work right,but you will find that it supports most of the current Athlons,bearing in mind bios update if you dont have the latest one which is F9.

  mark e 19:24 15 May 2003

Thanks to all its time for what i do best SHOPPING with my list.

Thanks again

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