Processor upgrade

  Gary1638 17:18 12 Jun 2003

Hi, My computer is fitted with an Intel Celeron 566mhz processor. Having uprated everything else other than this, how easy would it be to fit something quicker? I am not an expert, so would prefer to keep the motherboard and fit a faster processor to it. Any advice would be gratefully recieved.


  mrh 17:34 12 Jun 2003

check to see what motherboard you have - then check with the mobo's website - see what max processor mobo will support

  Gary1638 18:25 12 Jun 2003


Thanks, how do I find out the type of motherboard fitted? Do I contact the manufacturer, or will 'windows' tell me?

How big a job is it to change the motherboard?

  Rayuk 18:31 12 Jun 2003

Download Aida32

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  Gary1638 20:32 12 Jun 2003


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