Processor upgrade

  Rich84 14:50 12 Apr 2003

I have a second networked PC with a 350mhz Pentium processor. I'd like to upgrade to somewhere around 2Ghz. Is this very difficult to do? Is it cost effective? Any sites on instruction you'd recommend? Thanks.

  woodchip 15:04 12 Apr 2003

It will be like building a new Computer, as you will probably need a new case if it's not ATX, The way to find out is check what kind of plug from the Power Supply connects to the motherboard if it's a single plug with lots of wires it's ATX but if it's an AT it will have two Plugs with lots of wires and they sit side by side. You need to have the ATX type, you will then need a new motherboard and Processor. As you will not be able to upgrade your old CPU on that board to 2Gb it's too bigger change

  Rich84 15:14 12 Apr 2003

Thanks Woodchip. I'll have a look inside and take it from there.

  DieSse 16:40 12 Apr 2003

Such a major upgrade as a minimum will involve - New processor - new motherboard for it - new RAM for new motherboard - new fan for processor - bigger (more watts) power supply.

You will also find your graphics card will be well behind the times, so you may want to upgarde that - then you hard drive may be a bit small - as you can see. it doesn't stop.

The best option is usually to change the whole tower - keep anything special such as Zip drives, CD-Writer (if you have them) - to put in the new tower - then sell on a working tower - you won't get a lot, but with just a pile of bits, you'll get even less.

By all means build your own new tower, it's not difficult and you'll learn a lot.

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