Processor upgrade

  the old man 10:28 01 Jul 2006

Morning everyone.
Just need a link to notes to help in upgradeing and ATHLON 2000XP to a 3000xp and for going into bios to make sure all voltages and fsb are correct.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:32 01 Jul 2006

Your motherboard manual would be the first place to take a look.

  the old man 10:42 01 Jul 2006

Manual not much help. I meant to bookmark something that was posted before which gave a link to a really good guide but as usual in these cases cannot find how I come about getting to it. It gave instructions of taking the fan and heatsink off in correct way and cleaning off compound and such like. Not done a cpu change before so just want a guide at side of me. I have a good idea but..........

  MAJ 11:12 01 Jul 2006

I knew I had something somewhere in My Favorites, TOM, these few pages will get you started at least, ask further if there is something that's not covered. Hope it helps.

click here

click here^3748,00.html

click here

  MAJ 11:13 01 Jul 2006

That second link didn't work too well, here it is again.

click here

  Totally-braindead 11:38 01 Jul 2006

Not being funny here but before you go to all this bother the first thing you should do is check the motherboard manufacturers website and make sure the motherboard can take the faster processor. If it can then fine go ahead. If not then you're wasting your time and would be better considering something like this click here

  Totally-braindead 11:41 01 Jul 2006

Personally considering its not much more I would consider going just a bit faster and get this click here also has PCI Express whereas the cheaper one just has an AGP slot.

Of course all this is just in case your board can't take the faster chip.

  the old man 11:58 01 Jul 2006

Done all relevant research and mobo will take new processor. Have been doing all these upgrades as learning curve not so much to greatly increase performance but to learn things about systems and to do the upgrades myself. Could have saved money and got all singing all dancing but would not have learnt anything. Did not want to build whole new computer from scratch as I thought the better option would be step by step.
I had looked at these packages but thought what the hell, have a go at upgrading old system. Now have bit more knowledge of Ram, graphics, HDD, DVD RW's, monitor.
Appeciate your sentiments though.

  the old man 12:05 01 Jul 2006

Wish I could remember where the guide I was looking at came from as it showed the correct way of breaking the seal of compound between old cpu and heatsink without forcing and causing any damage. Apart from that am ready to go. Just had another thought. Will the heatsink and fan currently in system be ok for faster cpu. cpu speed will go up from 1.67ghz to 2.2ghz. My initial thought is that it should do the job. When I bought the cpu off ebay there should have been a fan with it but that has not arrived. Supposedly sent at same time as cpu.

  MAJ 12:19 01 Jul 2006

As well as the other links I posted above (don't know if you've checked them out yet or not) you could also have a look at these instruction videos. click here

  the old man 12:28 01 Jul 2006

Have looked at them already thanks and have printed them off. Appreciate your help.

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