processor upgrade

  ripendigging 19:24 19 Apr 2006

I wish to fit a new processor but I do not know what size I can fit.My motherboard is a K7SEM that is what is marked on the motherboard.The present processor is 900mghz AMD Duron.
On the system model it says Asset Tag 0123ABC. I am not sure what that means.

  ed-0 19:33 19 Apr 2006

the K7SEM (3.0A) motherboard will take a good range of cpu's, compared to your duron. Here is a list of what it can take click here

  ICF 19:33 19 Apr 2006

There are different version of that motherboard on the ECS website but here is a link to the K7SEM version 1
click here

  Totally-braindead 19:35 19 Apr 2006

click here its a board made by ECS, check which revision you have as its very important. Heres what it will take click here but make sure you check the PCB version and the BIOS you have, you may need to flash the BIOS.

  Totally-braindead 19:37 19 Apr 2006

The Athlon XP chips will be differcult to get other than second hand on Ebay as they are no longer made.

  ed-0 19:40 19 Apr 2006

there is also a K7SEM (3.0C). This has a duron cpu fixed to the motherboard and can not be upgraded. click here

Make sure you have the correct revision mobo.

  ed-0 20:44 19 Apr 2006

" How do I find out which board I have,they both look the same,I have no paperwork on this board.Thankyou "

Try everest home or SIW to get the info.

Also if you pause the boot screen, you will find a list of numbers and letters at the bottom. These can be used to find the right model. Sometimes:-)

  Totally-braindead 20:49 19 Apr 2006

You may also find it tells you on the motherboard, if you look where it gives you the K7SEM identification it may say next to it or above it v1.0 or v3.0 or whatever. The SIW program is available here click here

Not nagging or anything but its not considered good manners to email people unless you're invited to do so. If you have any more questions or information then just post in here, in the box at the bottom marked "Message" and it will appear here and everyone can see it.

  ed-0 22:14 19 Apr 2006

It was mentioned in my email reply.:-)

The motherboard with the fixed cpu (3.0c)will have the AMR slot above the graphics card slot. click here

The other three revisions have the AMR slot under the PCI slots click here

At least this will tell you if you have a fixed or removable cpu.

  ripendigging 19:06 23 Apr 2006

Thankyou everybody I think you have solved the problem,sorry about the email Totally-braindead.

Thanks again.

  ed-0 19:33 23 Apr 2006

you addressed your email to me and as I mentioned to you " I don't mind "

I receive lots of emails from forum members, unless it relates to a current topic, I can see no harm.

Glad we have thrown some light on your possible upgrade. Good luck if you go ahead.

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