Processor upgrade

  Jon1414 17:27 19 Dec 2005

Hello all

I have recently upgraded my PC for playing games and I think upgrading the processor is my next step:

AMD Athlon XP 2000
Geforce 6600GT

I am on an XFX KT400-ALH motherboard (Socket A) and want to upgrade the processor, but have no idea about what to do.

I keep seeing all this scary BIOS talk and all I want to do is run Oblivion when it comes out in March 06.

Can someone help me with all this, I'd rather not overclock it, it sounds like a lot of hassle. Is a simple upgrade an option?


  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:47 19 Dec 2005

supports 333mhz FSB, so in theory you could put an Athlon XP3000 in. Caveat is that you may have to go in to change the FSB from 266mhz to 333mhz, and you need to find an XP3000. Alternatively you may be able to stick in a Sempron cpu.
Changing the FSB may mean you need to change your memory as well.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:47 19 Dec 2005

thats is !

  Skyver 17:51 19 Dec 2005

Hugely faster XP's are hard to come by now, Ebuyer have 2600's for about £70 with a suitable fan, they had 70 or so top-of-the-range 3200's for a day or two last week but they were gone by Friday. Only other place I know of for such things is Ebay. You'll need to check what core your mobo supports, and how fast the memory you have fitted now determines the fastest XP you can fit, judging by the model number it can handle a 400mhz FSB, but your memory needs to be that fast (PC3200) to support an Athlon 3000 or 3200, otherwise it will need to be DDR333/PC2700 for the slower Barton core Athlons such as the aforementioned 2600. Check the motherboard manual for an overview of supported processors.

  Skyver 17:52 19 Dec 2005

Sorry, wasn't 100% sure the 3000 was a 400fsb job.

  Skyver 18:03 19 Dec 2005

Quick look at the board specs does indeed rule out DDR400 and XP3200, my mistake.

  Jon1414 18:06 19 Dec 2005

So I do need to play around with the BIOS a tiny bit. Is changing the FSB simple?

Found these ones through Froogle.

click here

And I think I understand what is being said here. The PC rating on the RAM is what speed the processor can be. I always wondered, now for the bad news: I believe my RAM is mostly PC2100.

Am I right in thinking I will need PC3200 to support one of the above processors.

(Appreciating all this help guys)

  Skyver 18:12 19 Dec 2005

It should auto configure to your memory speed, though I wouldn't guarantee it. Your memory speed will limit your options if it's PC2100/DDR266. You only need upgrade to PC2700, but PC3200 is a; almost always the same price or so close as not to matter b; useable in a 64 bit system if you upgrade further in the near future c; compatible with slower speed boards/processors.
Good link, good prices...wish I'd seen that site sooner, just replaced an XP myself.

  Skyver 18:16 19 Dec 2005

High quality memory here ; click here

  Jon1414 18:26 19 Dec 2005

Ok, I can handle configuring the FSB, I think.

I have XFX on the spotlight asking what processors will be supported on my board, all the info I got so far says all Athlon XPs are supported but I'm not sure if it means the faster/latest ones as well.

If I get an XP 3000 from this website and replace my memory with 1GB of PC3200 (maybe 2700) I should have done all the upgrading needed. With a lot of tweaking around I'm sure. I'll need a better fan no doubt.

Are there any pitfalls? could it all go wrong? sorry to be so wet about this but this is a step into the unknown for me.

  Skyver 18:34 19 Dec 2005

Well it appears the DDR400 support is unofficial, not uncommon when it was the latest thing. I would stop where you are, at an Athlon 3000 (plus the faster memory of course). In terms of cooling, I've had both a coolermaster CP5-8jd1f fan and now an akasa AK786 ; both very effective and quiet. Not a lot to go wrong; don't rush, earth yourself before handling the memory, make sure you get some decent thermal paste to apply to the processor (just a thin layer is sufficient) and take care when clipping the fan in place.

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