Processor Upgrade

  SHUNNA 12:18 11 May 2004

Would I see any improvement in performance if I upgrade from AMD Athlon XP1800+ to XP2400+ (266Fsb) as Ebuyer are now almost giving them away at £44.or are they likely to drop more before they disappear ?
The PC is not used for serious gaming just general family use. I `ve just installed another 256Mb of PC2100 Ram to total 512Mb and have no complaints about the present performance.

  rickimalone 12:43 11 May 2004

The 2400+ runs at 2ghz 256K L2 so depending on what your doing you would see a performance in certain respects.

If you are looking for a CPU Ebuyer are selling the AMD 2500+ BARTON with 512k on die level2 cache, this is only £10 more than the 2400+ and the 2500+ would give a performace increase with mulit-tasking load times and all other things that can slow averages user's down.

However I must add if you are happy with the machines performance then there really is no need to upgrade, if its a case of want too I would spend the extra few pounds and get the 2500+

  SHUNNA 12:58 11 May 2004

Thanks for the reply rickimalone, but is the 2500+ Barton not 333 FSB? My mob is 266 FSB, which I believe makes 2400+ the fastest i could use.

  rickimalone 13:06 11 May 2004

Yes but you can set the Processor to run at 266mhz in the BIOS settings and still take advantage of the 512 L2 k that is what will give you the extra performance with the processor having more on board memory it can deal with many more things at once. :)

  rickimalone 13:07 11 May 2004

Sorry I ment set the FSB to 266!!!!!!!

  SHUNNA 13:48 11 May 2004

Thanks again rickimalone, you learn something new every day!

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