processor upgrade

  kspatto 09:28 26 Apr 2004

does anyone know if you can replace a 1.8GHz cpu 478 socket with a 2.4GHz xu1 socket(not changed a processor before) or if anyone knows a website with socket info I would be obliged both are zif sockets also if changing the cpu will XP need to be reregistered and how complicated is this procedure
thanks for taking the time to read this

  Diodorus Siculus 10:05 26 Apr 2004

It will depend on the motherboard - have a look at the manual / manufacturer site for info.

  kspatto 12:47 26 Apr 2004

thanks for the prompt reply

the motherboard is MSI ms-6534 micro ATX the motherboard manual states upgradable up to 2.0GHz but sisoft sandra states 2.4+GHz I would use the other chips motherboard but it is sff and not atx

  ThePharcyde007 13:30 26 Apr 2004

Looking at MSI website, click here you can upgrade to a 2.6Ghz but because your system bus is only 400 it will not accept hyperthreading. I suggest purchasing another montherboard and P4 2.4Ghz/800 c model with is HT enabled.

hope this helps

  TomJerry 13:45 26 Apr 2004

As pointed out by ThePharcyde007, your motherboard can only take CPU with 400MHz FSB (Front Side Bus) frequency.

It is not easy to find any high frequency Pentium 4 CPU now. However, all Pentium 4 Celeron CPUs are 400 FSB, a 2.6GHz Celeron costs £55 click here. If your CPU is also Celeron one, you can gain performance by upgrade. But, if your CPU is Pentium 4, then there is no point to upgrade.

For cheap and fast option, I suggest you to upgrade both mb and AMD cpu. For example, Athlon XP2600 / 256Mb DDR / Motherboard Kit cost £135 click here which is about the same price as a Intel P4 2.8GHz CPU. Of course Intel one is faster, but not much.

  TomJerry 13:46 26 Apr 2004

should be: "It is not easy to find any high frequency Pentium 4 CPU with 400FSB now".

  ThePharcyde007 13:47 26 Apr 2004

cough.....not much!! GET INTEL! unless you opt for the FX52! 64BIT

  TomJerry 13:49 26 Apr 2004
  kspatto 23:49 26 Apr 2004

thanks everyone for your help

  PHILL1 21:52 18 Jan 2005


Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade

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