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  jesterhud 15:01 20 Feb 2008

I want to replace my Intel Pentium 4 Processor, i think i know how to do it, first up here is the Tech stuff


Current Processor - 1 Hyper-Threading Enabled
Type : Intel Pentium 4 3066 MHz
Package : Socket 478 mPGA
Manufacturer Codename : Northwood
Clock Speed : 3059 MHz
Clock Multiplier : 23.0
Front Side Bus (FSB) Speed : 532 MHz
L2 Cache Size : 512 KBytes Stepping : C1
Trace Width : 0.13
Microcode : 37h
Instruction Sets : MMX, SSE, SSE2

Processor i am getting - INTEL PENTIUM P4 3.2GHz/1MB/800MHz Skt 478 SL7E5 / SL7KC / SL7PN / SL8K2 Prescott
Manufacturers Part SL7E5 3.20E GHz N/A N/A 800 MHz 90 nm D0 1 MB 478

Here is a link to the Motherboard Manual.

click here

What i need to know is, someone told me i would need some thermal paste to put on the top of the new processor, is that right ???
From Page 8 on the instructions link it tells you how to replace it, but doesnt mention any Thermal Paste..

Any advice would be greatly appreciated..

  Kemistri 17:07 20 Feb 2008

" that right?"

It certainly is essential!!! I would never contemplate even booting up a PC without a neat application of Arctic Silver (other brands are available!) between CPU and heatsink. You will need to learn how to apply it correctly, too.

  citadel 17:33 20 Feb 2008

I cannot see the benefit of changing the cpu unless it has stopped working as the speed gain from the new cpu will be minimal.

  fishface113 18:08 20 Feb 2008

The speed gain from this upgrade is almost pointless. Save the money and upgrade to at least a dual core later on!

  jesterhud 18:17 20 Feb 2008

Hmm, ok thanks for the answers so far, more questions -
Any suggestions for some online help as to how to apply it ?
Dual Core ? sorry to be dumb, but whats that ?

The reason i was changing it is when i play a flight sim game on the PC that i have it seems to overload it and crashes and re-boots the PC, i assumed the processor couldnt handle it, i recently upgraded the RAM from 512 to 2048 but it still crahes.

  citadel 21:03 20 Feb 2008

flight sim, more likely the graphics card is not up to the job. dual core is core2 duo much faster than any prescott. you would need a new motherboard for one + ddr2 memory. easier to get a new base unit.

  jack 08:49 21 Feb 2008

The simple answer to this is don't even consider it.
Unless that is you are a devout hobbyist and like to tinker to see what happens - but then you would not be asking the question.

All PCs- including those we construct from component parts, are tailored component by component -CPU to MoBo, to PSU, to drives, Change one and you will be changing them all- the new processor for example will almost certainly require a different power supply arrangement than the MoBo is built for [although adaptors may be available.
Take a look at the like of click here
Select a PSU/MoBo bundle and work from there.

  Pamy 09:32 21 Feb 2008

What i need to know is, someone told me i would need some thermal paste to put on the top of the new processor, is that right ???
From Page 8 on the instructions link it tells you how to replace it, but doesnt mention any Thermal Paste..

yes, helps make good contact and transfer heat

  helen_312 09:57 21 Feb 2008

Yes it will need thermal paste. Just a little bit.

If you use the old heatsink and fan clean the old paste off with nail varnish remover.

If you use a new heatsink and fan it will come with a thermal pad attached to the heatsink. You can use this instead of paste.

The new processer will be better than the old because the cache is larger. It should improve the speed of the machine a little.

  jesterhud 16:05 21 Feb 2008

Ok, will forget about changing the processor.
I have just been throught the specs of my PC and all things are way better than the Flight Sim calls for, but yet the PC still crashes when the action in the game gets a bit too much.

Could it be that the CPU is overheating causing the PC to crash and reboot ? Is there any way of testing my fan ??

  Totally-braindead 19:29 21 Feb 2008

Its very unlikely the processor is anything to do with it.

You say your PC is well above the requirements so its not that.

Do other graphics intensive games play ok? If they do then see if theres a patch for the flight sim as it might just be the game.
If not and all games crash then theres a few things it can be, overheating, perhaps the graphics card, perhaps the processor - check all fans are running. Update your graphics card driver to the latest one and see if that cures it. The third possability is lack of power, you don't mention what your graphics card is and many have their seperate power supply connector and if the graphics card is working hard, as in playing a game then it uses more power and if the power supply can't give enough power it will crash.

Lastly and I only really mention this as you say you have put in more memory. Are you sure the memory is ok? I presume from what you say that it was crashing before you added more memory so give it a try with just the new memory first and see what happens.

Has this game ever run on your PC and has just started crashing?

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