Processor types.

  bturner 12:42 22 Mar 2011

I recently bought a laptop and it is so much faster than the 10 year old desktop to browse the internet and programms I use so I am going to replace it.

The old one has 1024 GB RAM
1.30 GHz AMD Duron
128 KB primary memory cache (114 GB free space)
64 KB secondary memory cache
not hyper threaded.

The PC I was looking to buy is 3GB RAM
Intel celeron processor 900MHz
100 MHx FSB speed
128 KB L2 cache

I really just want the new PC to run a forex trading program I use better.
I never watch movies or play games or store pictures on the PC.

I was wondering how important the processor is in my choice and how those new specifications look to the more experienced out there?

  donki 13:23 22 Mar 2011

What operating system will you be using? In my experience I would stay clear of the celeron processor, even thou it may meet your needs.

Whats your budget and are you just wanting a motherboard, cpu & ram bundle?

  Quiller. 13:42 22 Mar 2011

1) The older system's duron is better than the celeron.

2) I doubt a system with a 900Mhz celeron could run 3Gb of ram.

You should be able to get a second hand system that far exceeds those specifications for about £40.

  bturner 14:33 22 Mar 2011

Thanks for the responses.

I will be using windows 7 as I made some recovery discs when I bought the laptop last month, so I assume I can install them.

Whatever I get I would like to get new, my budget was £330 that I saved to get this tower,

click here

I found this online elsewhere for £368 not £399
click here

That would be ideal and convenient as I will keep this desktop running and space is an issue here.
I wont be able to go any higher in price though.

I am using the laptop through the same wired router as the desktop yet browsing is much faster on the laptop.
Also the trading platfrom will not run well and keeps disconnecting on the desktop, I originally thought it was my internet connection but the trading platfrom works lovely on the laptop and stays connected with no requotes.

The all in one would be ideal but if the processor is no good it may struggle with the platform?

This desktop really is anightmare to use and I have upgraded it a few times over the years from 128 mb to 1GB.
I assumed this processor was outdated so am surprised it's better than the intel celeron.

  donki 16:16 22 Mar 2011

click here

Processor: AMD Dual Core Athlon II X2 255 Processor
Memory: 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz Memory
Harddrive: 500GB 3.5" 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive
Case: Novatech Micro ATX Case With 350w PSU
Optical Drives: 22x DVD Writer
Motherboard: Onboard ATI Radeon 3000
Keyboard & Mouse: Novatech Wired Keyboard And mouse

£249.98, well do you for your needs.

TBH if you have a laptop why are you thinking of getting an all in one?

  donki 16:20 22 Mar 2011

Oh and no your recovery disks wont transfer WIN7 to another computer.

  woodchip 16:22 22 Mar 2011

Intel celeron processor 900MHz waste of space

  woodchip 16:24 22 Mar 2011

PS you will not be able to run the Recovery Discs on a New or other PC

  bturner 16:30 22 Mar 2011

Donki, can you leave a link so I can take a look?

To answer your question, I work from home long hours.
I work in the office from 6:30 am until 7 or 8pm and like I said the desktop cannot run the platform.
So for the last 2 weeks I have been using the laptop and it really is a joy to use because it's faster to browse the internet and runs the platform very well.
The downsides are the screen is a bit small 15" and I have to view charts and prices, can get a bit tiresome.
Also I have one of those split level desks designed for a desktop, so the laptop does not sit on the desk properly. It always was just going to be a temporary measure.
The plan is to get a desktop tower or an all in one for the office and get the laptop set up in the lounge on a wireless router so I can keep an eye on things in the late evening. I feel the need to get out the office for a while.

I really would prefer an all in one so maybe I will have to save up for a better one like

click here


click here

Thanks both for letting me know I wont be able to use the recovery discs.

  Jim_F 16:40 22 Mar 2011

I agree with the above - I'd say a dual core is becoming almost essential with the amount of eye-candy web sites now foist on us.

If you're short on space you may want to consider a laptop such as a Core 2 Toshiba from one of the high street chains (ie *rgos) which would appear to be in budget.

The reason restore disks won't normally work us that Microsoft (since XP) has gotten cleverer at linking the instance of Windows you're using to the hardware - so you can go through a long install process just to be told you're using pirate software.


  Jim_F 16:43 22 Mar 2011

Sorry - my browser didn't update prior to my post so I missed your reason for wanting a tower.


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