Processor Temperature?

  Legslip 20:22 23 Apr 2012

I have removed my CPU cooling fan and given it a good clean and also cleaned off the thermal paste and replaced with a tab of thermal tape.

I have installed Speedfan. What tells me that I have done the job properly and that the CPU temperature is within bounds?

Device manager says that I have 2 x Intel Core 2 6300 @1.86Ghz.

Speedfan reports CPU 59deg. Core 0 @ 67deg. Core 1 @ 64deg and Core @ 57deg.

Advice appreciated.

  c4rm0 20:27 23 Apr 2012

i would run some stress test software and then check the temperatures Idle temps should be anywhere from 40-55c so yours seem quite high

My intel core E6600 core 2 is currently 45c idle and i have overclocked it to 3.0GHZ from 2.6GHZ

  robin_x 21:59 23 Apr 2012

My bog standard 3 yr old laptop with AMD Athlon II Dual Core Idled at 55C, load at 65-70C.

Recently, it has been 10C worse.

I started taking it apart today to clean it, but got sidetracked. Will finish tomorrow.

Sadly my Compaq is a full stripdown to get to the fan and heatsink.

Previous problems (sticking fan) showed that I bluescreen at about 92C.

  Legslip 08:59 24 Apr 2012

Thanks good people. Looks as though it may be running a bit on the warm side. I'll try thermal paste instead of tape.

While thtread still open, can someone explain what these readings are?

CPU 59deg. Core 0 @ 67deg. Core 1 @ 64deg and Core @ 57deg.

  KRONOS the First 09:51 24 Apr 2012

This is probably a better tool. CoreTemp. Then if you can post a screen shot. In my experience thermal paste is much better than tape, but remember only a thin coating is needed.

  Terry Brown 10:23 24 Apr 2012

As you fan and heatsink was dusty, there is a good chance that the fan is not running at best speed.

The CPU fan should run at about 3000rpm (or faster), below this the fan is possibly in need of replacement or lubrication.

To lubricate.

Remove power cable from fan to motherboard remove fan On the centre of the fan there is a small (normally round) cover, remove that and place 1 or 2 drops of very fine oil (fine machine oil- Cycle oil- WD40 are all acceptable-- Car oil is not as it is too heavy.

Spin a few times by hand to get the oil into the bearing, wipe any excess off and replace cover (a piece of tape will do)& re-assemble.

re-check fan speed, if this does not make much difference, you are looking at a new fan.


  robin_x 10:44 24 Apr 2012

How to lubricate a fan.

I prefer 3in1 oil. If no cover or access under label, blade rotor assembly may pull off spindle and go in the other way.

  Terry Brown 15:43 26 Apr 2012


3 in 1 is a fine machine oil, as used in things like sewing machines and where a fine oil is required, however there are plenty of other fine oils (look in Pound shop) you can choose.


  Legslip 18:20 27 Apr 2012

Thanks again people. Think I'm almost there but......

I replaced the thermal tape with thermal paste and the CPU is now running at 25deg C. But, Speedfan is also showing the GPU at 57deg C and CORE at 57deg C. Whats the difference between CPU & CORE temp and is there any concern with the GPU temp?

  Legslip 08:18 28 Apr 2012

Any replies?

  KRONOS the First 11:06 28 Apr 2012

Have a look at this Click here.

As to your question about GPU temp is that idle temperature or under load? And of course what is your GPU?

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