Processor Temp

  User-191E1920-20CB-4300-860DCABFC467F8DC 20:48 29 May 2003

I finally got my pc repaird yesterday, New M/B and processor but since the man fitted the new parts the processor runs at a Higher temp 50 0c where before it used to run at 34 0c!!! is 50 0c ok for a P4 2.66 GHz?

  STEVE71163 20:58 29 May 2003

How are you getting this reading?

from the Bios as before when it was 34

  STEVE71163 21:04 29 May 2003

P4s do normally run a bit cooler than this but if you are like around here it is really hot today. My xp2000 normally runs at about 44c and is showing 52c at the moment.

well if it frazzles evesham can come out and change it again!!

  STEVE71163 21:10 29 May 2003

A p4 will clock down if it gets to hot so i dont think you will have a problem.

How will I know if its clocked down?

  STEVE71163 21:17 29 May 2003

It just does it if it gets to hot so it does not damage your cpu but most machines these days will shut down anyway if they get to hot. Mine is set in the bios to shut down at 70c.

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