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  23790954 17:30 21 Jul 2006

As a silver surfer I am running a MSI K7N2Delta
motherboard, with 1 gig of DDR memory installed and an AMD 2600+ processor. Everything has worked fine, (except having to reactivate windows on two occasions) in the last 12 months or so. When I was informed of an error on the system today, by way of blue warning on monitor, I switched the system off as suggested, but when I restarted the system, I had again to reactivate windows by telephone. Now that the system has been reactivated, I find that when I look in my systems files, that my processor is only recorded as an AMD 1.09 gig. Is there any easy way to rectify this, and if it means going into the bias, would someone kindly tell me what settings to change and what to change them to.
Although I have built numerous computers in the past, the processor has always been detected by the system, and adjusting settings was not necessary. Also why has these settings changed. Thanks for any help given.

  skeletal 17:43 21 Jul 2006

Are you sure your processor is not 1.90 GHz (rather than 1.09 GHz)?

My XP 2700+ is 2.16 GHz so yours would be a bit lower. Remember that AMD use the "equivalent" speed, or whatever you want to call it, so a 2600+ does not have a clock speed of 2600.

Sorry if you know this and you are actually getting 1.09...if so I can't help!

Also, I wonder why you need to keep re-activating. If you say what your other problems are, some of the clever souls on this forum may be able to suggest ways to make your system more stable.


  23790954 18:11 21 Jul 2006

Thanks Skeletal,
Yes the processor does read 1.09in the system files, and it used to read the correct speed before I reactivated the system. For your information I have had to reactivate windows XP twice in the last 6 weeks, when only slightly changing a setting. I did put a message on this helpline regarding reactivating, but was informed by so call KNOW ALLS that although I paid £250.00 for my windows XP software, Bill Gates did not work for nothing and that was why reactivation was necessary. They seem so senseless that they forget I paid £250.00 for the software in the first place, which would have gone to Bill Gates business. Another reader of this helpline insisted that Windows XP NEVER needs reactivated unless an extensive change is made to the settings, e.g. motherboard etc. These people who preach their righteousness seem to be aware of very little.
Thanks for your interest anyway.

  jimv7 18:17 21 Jul 2006

Some motherboards reset to a lower clock speed to protect the cpu from critical errors or overheating.

Enter the bios on startup and check the cpu is set to auto and also check the temperature the cpu is running at, it all may be down to overheating.

  Fingees 19:05 21 Jul 2006

Just as a point of interest, at one time a few weeks age, I also had to re activaate my windows on a number of occasions,after a small set up alteration.

I was able to do it on the internet however.So far (touch wood ) it's now OK.
All the best.

  ed-0 19:19 21 Jul 2006

Sorry to hear you are having slight problems with your machine. Here are the bios settings you need to change to get your cpu running at full speed.;-)

Enter the bios by pressing delete as the computer boots up.

Go to the advanced chipset features page. click here

Select the cpu fsb clock, is it reading 100Mhz? Change it to 166Mhz. Use the PgUp or PgDn keys to alter.

Wen it reads 166Mhz. Press F10 so the computer will save the bios and reboot.

Hopefully it will now register as a 2600+

  woodchip 19:34 21 Jul 2006

Not sure on the 166. As my AMD is not working at the moment. But think it may be 133. 166 may overclock the CPU and it will not boot. But as ed-0 it as dropped to 100.

Hi ed-0 Just got back from Wales.

Graphics card gone on my 98se comp So having to make do with XP Laptop and XP desktop. But my E-Mail settings is all on Win98se comp

  ed-0 19:46 21 Jul 2006

Yes you could be right woodchip

a 2600+ is either 16 X 133Mhz click here

or 12.5 X 166Mhz click here

but I thought it was the barton

11.5 X 166Mhz click here. As the normal speed has been quoted at 1.9Ghz. The other 2 run at over 2.0Ghz.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday. I got back a few days ago. Some of the pics, on the other side, look good.:-)

  ed-0 19:46 21 Jul 2006


  woodchip 19:51 21 Jul 2006


  skeletal 21:02 21 Jul 2006

23790954 I'm sorry you're having such problems but there is some good advice above.

The re-activation story is a bit odd, the theory being that you should be able to do a fair few things before you need to. However, I am well aware that what "should" happen and what actually happens can be very different!! This is particularly true with software. I have often come across things and been met with disbelief and the immortal words: "I've never seen that before"!

Good luck


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