Processor speed dilemma

  huzzar 14:27 20 May 2003

With a Pentium Processor the speed rate is included in the product name ie - "Pentium 111 650 Mhz" Can anyone tell me please at what speed does an AMD Athlon XP2000+ processor run at or is this a silly question?

  ©®@$ђ 14:30 20 May 2003

AMD Athlon XP2000+ processor runs at 1667 MHz

  huzzar 14:39 20 May 2003

Thanks ©®@$ђ - why don't they call it a "XP1667 processor" beats me. By the way, where do you get this sort of information from as it leaves the unbeknowing like me to believe it ran at 2000 Mhz.

  ©®@$ђ 15:20 20 May 2003

this should help answer your question about AMD mhz

it seems to be a way of marketing!

click here

and click here is a great place to start looking for information,it's a search engine

  Sion 16:03 20 May 2003

I think that article is a little harsh on AMD's processor rating. What would they rather have AMD call the XP chip?

"Introducing the AMD 1.4Ghz chip, with a new improved x86 architecture that allows for more instructions per clock cycle than the previous thunderbird athlon core, and as such, is able to match, if not BETTER the intel equivalent". I'd pay Intel the extra £50 difference NOT to have to go into a PC store and ask for one of them!

Yes, an Athlon 2000xp may only run at 1.6ghz, but the important thing is it is often faster than the equivalent Intel, and much better value. If this move helps the processor market become more competitive, and allows for more choice for the end consumer, then kudos to AMD.

After all, if someone was able to challenge Microsofts hold on the PC market, i don't think that would bother too many people! :-)

p.s. in case you couldn't tell, i am an athlon owner!

  BigMoFoT 16:17 20 May 2003

Apparently the rating is equivalent to performance of the P4's - an XP200 effectivley performs the same as a P4 2GHz

  Rayuk 17:33 20 May 2003

The rating is equivalent to the original classic Athlon.

  jeez 17:51 20 May 2003

and it is relative to the p4

  DieSse 17:57 20 May 2003

The "MHz" of a chip is NOT it's speed rating - it's simply the clock rate that controls it.

Say, for one clock cycle a processor does X amount of work, and a differently designed processor does 2X amount of work. Clearly the second is truly twice as fast - but it only has the same speed clock!

Unfortunately you have to do tests to discover how "fast" a processor is - and these are not easy to construct to be fair to all processor designs - also it's true to say that one processor may be especially fast at one type of operation, and slow at another, whilst a second processor may be just the opposite.

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