Processor overworked?

  Sliphitz 21:42 13 Sep 2009

Hey all lately my computer has been restarting when i play games or run to many programs and lately i tried playing age of mythology and just before the game map loads my pc restarts and my cpu reaches 100% usage

I tried running only the game but still the same result my pc also restarts when i play online games sometimes is there any reason its doing this now when its run these things fine in the past.

Thanks in advance :)

  Audio~~Chip 00:52 14 Sep 2009

from Overheating, PSU issue top two me thinks. If you are playing different games now and its just started happening then it could be your machine is under Spec

  Taff™ 08:07 14 Sep 2009

I don`t disagree but this could also be a software problem and the most common at the moment with the machines I`ve seen is Windows Updates. Try this:

Turn Off Automatic Windows Updates. Now manually go to the Windows Update site and run a custom scan. How many Critical or Important updates are there?

You don`t say if you are on XP or Vista but you should be up to SP3 and SP2 respecctively. They`ve both been out for a while - which one are you on?

Also it would be useful if you could give us the spec of the machine and the games you are playing when the problems start - the gamers on the forum will be able to tell you if your machine is likely to encounter problems.

  User-312386 08:41 14 Sep 2009

This sounds like your graphics card is overheating! Thats if you have one. Or as Taff has said a general overheating problem. Take the side of the case off and see if the graphics fan is clogged with dust, if so take it out and clean it with a brush. Or use a compressed air can. Hold the fan if you use a can!

  Sliphitz 17:11 14 Sep 2009

i dusted out my computer and i have a geforce 5500 graphics card i think uhm 254mb ram 2.66ghz intel processor anything else? Also ive ran these games in the past on this computer and they worked then.

  Audio~~Chip 23:59 14 Sep 2009

I suspect the PSU is worth checking

  Taff™ 07:18 15 Sep 2009

Did you check out my suggestion Too?

  Sliphitz 17:27 15 Sep 2009

i tried it taff its still the same =\

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