processor operating temp up to 114 degrees

  raye 08:21 20 May 2003

i have a amd duron 1.1 mhz prosessor can anyone tell me wether my operating temp is to high as the pc keeps freezing and have to reboot my fan is running at 4950 rpm

  -pops- 08:25 20 May 2003

If what you say is true, it's not a computer it's a chip fryer. (Potato chip or computer chip - your choice).

There is something seriously wrong with your machine and in the first instance you should check the contact of the heatsink to the processor.


  hssutton 09:33 20 May 2003

Are you talking "F" or "C", 114 degree F is OK, if you're talking "C" then keep your fire extinguisher handy

  -pops- 09:37 20 May 2003

Didn't think of that - forgot about old Fahrenheit's system.

  The Transporter 10:37 20 May 2003

check that you have a sufficient amount of heat conductive paste of the centre part of the processor and it is perfectly touching your fan.

What fan are you using? Maybe you could do with a new one. I use a coolermaster spinning at 8000 rpm and my pc runs at 33 degrees C normal and 39 d.C playing games.

click here

Also go into your bios, use the bios to tell you your system temperature, and make sure you are not overclocking the processor. Also make sure you are not putting to much voltage through it. Make sure alll settings are default in that part of the bios.

Also make sure you have the latest bios for your your motherboard.

If not sure what you have use this.

click here

  The Transporter 10:38 20 May 2003


  Sion 10:48 20 May 2003

I know that Duron's do run hotter than Athlon's, but i remember reading somewhere they have a higher threshold for heat than Athlons (XP or the old standard)

Still, that is pretty high, and could be the reason why your system is freezing. One thing I would check is that the cables inside your system are not interfering with your fan. This happened to a friends system, where a power cable had jammed the fan, and the system would freeze up.

If i were you i would do the following
1. Check the cables inside the PC are tied together and kept out the way of the airflow of the fan.
2. Double check your heatsink is properly mounted to the chip, and the power cable is attached firmly into the motherboard.
3. Make sure your CPU setting are correct in the bios. The chip should have an FSB of 100.

If all this fails, i'd recomend a new heatsink. click here for a good model off ebuyer.

  Sion 10:55 20 May 2003

Sorry, i put the wrong link in for that heatsink. you need to click here instead.

This heatsink is very good. I use it myself, or you can read the reviews of the users on the page.

  krall 15:01 20 May 2003

Just checked my P4 1.6GHZ Medion and Sandra reports 67c/152.6f. this from a cold start. Pc is on all day and I've never had it freeze.core voltage is 1.70v. whats going on!! do I need a fire extinguisher to hand.

  The Transporter 15:10 20 May 2003

best way is to reboot and check the system temp from the bios.

Sandra is not the most accurate program

  krall 16:07 20 May 2003

I cannot find a reference to temp in bios setup.
can you point me to the right place. many thanks

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