LABMAN 11:03 25 Jan 2004

Hi everyone, just had a computer built with an athlon XP2400 processor but on start up screen shows it as XP1800, it's loaded on PC CHIPS 825 motherboard any explanations as to the difference and does it affect the speed of my computer, thanks for any help.
The Labman

  961 11:06 25 Jan 2004

Yes it will affect the speed of your computer

Check the FSB speed settings of the motherboard

  LABMAN 11:10 25 Jan 2004

Hi friend who built system for me is supposed to know what hes doing but I haven't a clue so what would he be looking for

  Joe McG 11:21 25 Jan 2004


The fsb in the bios looks like it is set to 100, when it should be set to 133.

Search Google for a file called cpuinfo.exe applicable to AMD devices and download it. After the usual virus scans, run it and it will give a precise reading of the processor speed together with six or seven other bits of information, like if the processor is a genuine AMD device. It shows on my XP1700+ that the processor is running at 1462 Mhz, well within the AMD spec for the device.

I also needed to reset the fsb in the bios to 133 after a piece of software, which I have since deleted, elected to change the setting.

  LABMAN 12:19 25 Jan 2004

Hi folks would like to try bios setting is this feasable for myself not knowing much and how do i get in to it I know you gain access from start up but cant see anything i'm running windows XP pro at the moment

  [email protected] 12:32 25 Jan 2004

to reset fsb you need to go inside the case and alter settings / jumper on the motherboard go to click here D/load your manual from there and check out Jumper settings

  Joe McG 12:33 25 Jan 2004


re-boot your pc, and continually tap the delete key till you boot into bios.

Pick the "advanced chipset" part, highlight the 100 fsb setting, and change to 133.
Save and exit bios. You should then see the correct cpu whilst booting up.

  Joe McG 12:34 25 Jan 2004


Didn't think about the mobo type.

  LABMAN 15:40 25 Jan 2004

Hi both if it involves dismnantling anything dents forget i havent a scooby doo and joe its a PC chips 825 mobo with everything on board, gaines acess as you suggested to bios but coudn't find any thing related to FSB sorry

  Eric10 18:32 25 Jan 2004

All you will need to remove is the side cover of the PC. Near the centre of the motherboard is a 3 pin jumper labelled JP3. This should have pins 2 and 3 shorted to give a 133 FSB. If pins 1 and 2 are shorted then it is set for 100 FSB. In this case just lift off the jumper and refit it across pins 2 and 3. This info is from a manual I've just downloaded from PCChips website.

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