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  jw100 20:28 25 Jan 2006

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine at work wants to install BT Broadband on his Win98SE computer and asked me if it would be OK. I am not too clued up but I looked at the minimum system requirements on the BT site. All seems OK. He has a Pentium 11 processor and 128 meg of ram. Thats all he could tell me. The BT spec says the processor must be at least Pentium 11 233. Is it possible his Pent 11 could be less than the 233 figure. I hope this is clear.

Thank you.

  VoG II 20:34 25 Jan 2006

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I can't see thast the processor speed would matter that much anyway.

  jw100 20:38 25 Jan 2006

Thank you, I will pass on your advice. I presume then that there must be a lower spec than the 233 figure.

  ed-0 23:34 25 Jan 2006

If it is a pentium 11 then it will be with in these two ranges;

233Mhz to 333Mhz

and the next generation

350Mhz to 500

  rmcqua 13:16 26 Jan 2006

It might work, it might not, but I think you should warn your friend that with a processor as dated as a P2, and only 128Mb of RAM, he is not going to notice all of the advantages that broadband has to offer.

  ed-0 18:06 26 Jan 2006

I think it should be fine. I am running a cyrix 333Mhz ( very inferior to pent 11's ) with 192Mb of sdram amd 98se. It is running BB fine.

  jw100 23:17 26 Jan 2006

Thanks for your advice. The BT site says the minimum spec required for their BB is Win 98SE, Pentium 11 233 and 128 meg of ram so hopefully it will work OK. It is just for email and surfing the web. Thank you both.

  jw100 23:23 26 Jan 2006

I meant to also say, that my friend ordered BT BB today and I am going to install it for him. I will leave this thread open for now so I can let you know the end result.


  PsiFox 15:43 30 Jan 2006

I hope he has the win 98 disc as the BB modem install will probably ask for it.

Also he has got a USB slot on the pc hasn't he?

  jw100 22:15 04 Feb 2006

Just to finish off this post.

First, PsiFox thanks for your advice, I didn't know you had posted until just now. I had however read on the BT help site that the Win98SE disc might be asked for and I was worried about this as my friend doesn't have it. I did the installation today, it was a BT Voyager 210 modem/router and the computer had two USB slots as well as an ethernet slot. I used the ethernet option and the install went without a hitch. Luckily, the Win98SE disc was not asked for. The processor spec turned out to be the minimum req, Pent 11 233Mhz.

Thanks to all who helped.

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