Is this processor fast?

  buel 23:02 21 Dec 2008

Hi, could someone please help me with this? I want to know is this processor quick- 2Ghz Intel Pentium Dual Core T3200

  GaT7 23:35 21 Dec 2008

It's not bad, found in laptops I believe. It'll help if you tell us which laptop exactly, & what you're going to use it for. G

  buel 23:39 21 Dec 2008

Thanks for that, it's in a toshiba laptop Satellite pro u400-153, im being quoted £589 from my local pc shop, it's on the net for a bit cheaper but the shop are adding 1GB or ram to make 3GB and it has the bonus(in my opinion) of being XP Pro, what do you think?

  buel 23:41 21 Dec 2008

My other option is the u400-145 that has Intel Pentium Dual Core T2390 processor, which runs at a 1.86GHz

  buel 23:47 21 Dec 2008

Sorry, i meant to say it will be mainly used for surfing and the odd bit of burning/encoding dvds! My current medion has a Intel celeron M cpu 410 @1.4 ghz, im guesiing that is slow in comparison?

  GaT7 00:43 22 Dec 2008

£589 is very dear. It's ~£500 delivered from click here - comes with XP media, which you can use to downgrade to XP yourself for free. Although it must be said that it's probably not for beginners (aomeone else may know better).

2Gb additional RAM costs just £12 click here.

For your usage, the U400-12Y model is much better value at £445 click here. Downgrade to XP & buy the additional RAM as above. The T2390 CPU is very slightly 'slower' - you won't notice the difference. G

  buel 13:45 22 Dec 2008

Thankyou very much for that advice crossbow7, that certainly does look a good option.

I'd like to clear up something that a man who works at my local computer shop said to me (bearing in mind he was trying to sell me a laptop at the time!) i was looking at laptops with vista on that had 2GB of ram with them and i asked him would he add a further 2GB ram into the deal as the laptop was overpriced and i sent him a link to show i could get the exact same laptop for £80 cheaper on the internet, he said he would add an extra 1GB of ram but there was no point increasing it to a total of 4GB as vista only 'sees' 3.2GB of ram, id this true? And if so is this the same case for XP too?
Thankyou in advance to anyone who can shed any light on this issue.

  keef66 14:17 22 Dec 2008

It is true for 32 bit operating systems (Win Vista or XP) If you go for the 64 bit version it can recognise much more memory.

So no, he's not trying to pull a fast one.

  buel 14:29 22 Dec 2008

Thankyou keef66, i thought he might be. Thanks for your help!

  GaT7 14:53 22 Dec 2008

Sorry for not being entirely clear on a couple of things...

If you get the 2Gb RAM I mentioned, it'll have to be swapped with one of the 1Gb modules, leaving 3Gb.

When I said, "Although it must be said that it's probably not for beginners", I meant carrying out the downgrade from Vista to XP & getting it to all work flawlessly. G

  skidzy 16:15 22 Dec 2008

This is a good machine Buel,though has here

Ringing Ebuyer maybe worth the call and ask if you can have xp installed instead of Vista if that is your wish.

Its a good machine and a fair price in todays market.

My advice is;
if you plan on spending around £500,do your research first,not forgetting a call to Dell has you can haggle and save a few pounds.

Ive had computers (laptops and desktops) from Dell and never paid the asking price-the trick is to match one machine to another and find out how much the hardware is,see what the difference is and haggle the best you can.
Once they have your phone number and you decide to look else where,they normally ring back with another deal.
But do your homework first.

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