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  karl_armson 20:32 27 Aug 2006

Hello all you lovely, kind, helpful people!

I have SpeedFan (as recommended in PC Advisor 135 Oct '06) and MSI CoreCenter installed. They are both set to alert me when the heat of the processor and the speed of the fans drop below/rise above my settings. First, my CPU Fan's speed was reported to drop down to 200-odd RPM away from the usual 3000+ mark twice within about 4 hours, each going back up to the correct speed after about 3 seconds. Secondly, SpeedFan reported my CPU's Temperature to be 89 degrees C a couple of hours ago, so I hibernated the computer as quickly as I could, to turn it back on later at a normal temperature. Then, not so long ago, I saw that both CoreCenter and SpeedFan were alerting me of the fact my CPU Fan had dropped all the way down to 0 RPM! I was in the bathroom when this started so it must have been going for at least 10-15 seconds before I saw it so I could hibernate my system. Are these readings true? What can I do about these problems? This is really freaking me out!

I am running Windows 2000 Professional with SP4, an Intel Pentium 4 processor (3GHz, 800MHz System Bus, 1MB L2 Cache, original P$ Heatsink & Fan), and its on a MSI PT8 Neo-V Motherboard with 512MB of RAM.

Please help!
Karl Armson

  brundle 20:38 27 Aug 2006

Run Everest click here, click on the link amongst the info relating to your CPU, check manufacturer's specs for maximum temps the die can withstand. If Celerons run cooler than Durons/Athlons (and they burn up at 85-95
degrees C) I would either take the readings with a pinch of salt, or get some additional cooling/clean out your machine. And drop the CPU speed via the BIOS
while you ascertain the cause.

  woodchip 20:39 27 Aug 2006

First, this is bad news and needs some thing doing.

CPU's Temperature to be 89 degrees C

  Belatucadrus 20:47 27 Aug 2006

As the original fans aren't as far as I know thermostatically controlled, a combination of reported low to zero CPU fan speeds and high temperatures would seem a pretty fair indication that the CPU fans on it's way out. You could open the case and physically check the fan, but I'd get a replacement cooler click here , right now before something cooks.

  karl_armson 12:11 29 Aug 2006

Hi again everyone!

Thanks for all your help.

I downloaded and ran everest, but I found that when I clicked on the link to go the the web page for my processor, the page it opened no longer exists on the Intel site.

I too found it to be able to withstand up to 89 degrees C. I have not got it to vary between 43~62. It may top to 65 for a second, but not for long. How does this sound?

Thanks for the link to the cooling fans. I haven't bought one yet, but I might in the future. I think I have solved the problem anyway. I am (or was) running the BBC Climate Change Experiment, where its settings were to use up to 100% CPU Usage. Closing this seems to prevent the alerts from MSI CoreCenter and SpeedFan. I would change the prefrences of the experment but when I edit them and click save, I get the error of "Fatal error: Call to undefined function verify_numeric() in /var/www/boinc/projects/bbc/html/inc/ on line 1103". I may post in their forums later, but at least my problem has fixed. Sorry for bothering you all!


  karl_armson 12:12 29 Aug 2006

Sorry, I meant I have got it to vary between 43~62. I forgot to proof read it.

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