Processor and BUS Speeds

  Will 16:02 15 Jun 2008

I have just put together a new system and I am trying to understand it. I have run Belarc and have the following question:
I was told the CPU speed is 4Gigs, belarc and other sorces give me the following information:

CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz Model 15, Stepping 13
Motherboard:BIOSTAR Group P4M90-M7 Ver:1.0 (bus Speed 200mhz)

Intel Says: E2180 - 65 nm - 1MB L2 - 2.00 GHz 800 MHz(BUS)

So does the CPU run at 2 gigs or 4 gigs? (Dual?) Intel says the BUS speed should be 800mz but Belarc says the moterboard bus speed is 200mhz. Does this mean the Motherboard is compromisng the CPU speed?

  brundle 16:16 15 Jun 2008

2 cores at 2GHz would explain your 4Ghz figure - if you check specs online or official ones from Intel they don't use this figure, they state the actual clock rate, click here, memory is `quad pumped` to 4 times the FSB speed of 200MHz = 800MHz

  Will 16:25 15 Jun 2008

brundle, thanks for that, so does that mean you only need a 200mhz bus speed on your motherboard even when the CPU says 800mhz

  brundle 16:36 15 Jun 2008

Yes, and suitable memory.

  Will 17:24 15 Jun 2008


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