billy-258926 21:03 12 Feb 2005

my pc would not turn on. The hard drive light was solid red and my adsl modem lights were on. I reset my pc by holding the on off switch and it came back on .It has done this 3 times in the last week. When it loads the pc the processor keeps reverting to an amd xp rather than what it should be in the motherboard. I go in to bios set the auto select on save and exit restart and all goes well . The processor was replaced 3 weeks ago under waranty as i was told it was causing my pc not to switch on at all. I have a brand new power supply installed at the same time any ideas!!!!!!

  Completealias 00:42 13 Feb 2005

Ok so you had another processor in the pc and the same problem was occuring? Is this correct? You have since replaced the cpu with a new one and the same problem is still occuring? If this is the case then something else is at fault if not has the problem only begun since the new cpu?

  Chezdez 00:46 13 Feb 2005

is the new power supply powerful enough? try unplugging things like CD/DVD drives, extra harddrives and USB connected devices (except your mouse if thats USB, lol)

then try booting up and restarting a few times, let us know if it makes any difference

  TomJerry 10:10 13 Feb 2005

maybe some loose connections when you did upgrade

  Chezdez 22:00 14 Feb 2005


i ugraded the power supply at the same time the processor was changed to a 350 watt supply from a 300.

if you could please keep all posts on the topic please, that wasy other people can keep track of the problem, thanks.

have you double checked all cable connections in the computer?

and like tomjerry said, try replacing the BIOS battery

  phono 22:27 14 Feb 2005

You say your processor was replaced 3 weeks ago under warranty, did you upgrade the processor that was subsequently replaced or is this a completely new system that is still under warranty?

If the latter is the case send it back to the manufacturer for replacement or repair.

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