Process for Updating MSI P965 Neo-F BIOS

  Audio~~Chip 23:41 17 Dec 2008

Ok, last resort before returning the motherboard to supplier.

Simply, I need to upgrade the BIOS. I have downloaded and unzipped to new Floppy Disk.

I have also printed of the instructions but it mentions about running a test of the downloaded Phoenix Award BIOS. It asks to download BIOS as double click on it to C:\test

All very simple, but all you get is a quick flash of a DOS windows in XP so what and where is the test ?

I mainly need instruction of how to actually update the BIOS from Floppy. Understand I have to boot from a Win98 BOOT floppy which I have.

  ambra4 01:34 18 Dec 2008

Use MSI Live Update On line – Click on Live Update On line top left

click here

  ambra4 01:41 18 Dec 2008

Use the UK Site - Click Live Update Series Left hand side of page

click here

  Audio~~Chip 11:46 18 Dec 2008

I have tried this a few times and it will not work. It comes up with a error String not found & also even though I know their are arround 8 BIOS updates it does not see them using live update it only shows the one I already have which I know is odd.

Other sources arround the web say don't use live update and use floppy, but its this process or command lines and that I am trying to understand. The BIOS update instuction from MSI is poorly worded. Be it a ASUS or Gigabyte board I wouldn't have this problem.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will try live update again but this time use Ethernet over what I was using Wireless connection. Maybe the signal and download speed wasn't great at the time.

  Audio~~Chip 13:39 18 Dec 2008

Trying to follow instruction for BIOS update
But its not responding to what I am putting in. Keep getting Bad command or Filename

The BIOS I have downloaded is W7235IMS.1B0 which is with AWFL865 utility too extracted to FDD. The MS Dos Created Floppy is ok.

Help Please

Boot the system with a bootable floppy disk
DOS startup disk under Windows XP.

To create an MS-DOS startup disk under Windows XP, right click on the 3.5”
floppy drive icon under my computer and select format. On the format dialog
box check the box next to “Create MS-DOS startup disk”

Replace the boot disk with the floppy disk containing the BIOS files

At the A:\ prompt, you will type in the following command

The flash utility will be the .EXE file included in the BIOS download

The BIOS file will end with the version number
Example: A6728ims.210 = BIOS file version 2.1

To update the BIOS using the example above you would type the following command

A:\ADSF712 A6728ims.210
Follow the onscreen prompts to update the BIOS

Reboot the system once the BIOS update has been completed

  PO79 13:50 18 Dec 2008

So it would appear you need to type at the A:\ prompt

AWFL865.exe W7235IMS.1B0

is that what you are typing.

  Audio~~Chip 14:35 18 Dec 2008

just managed to find the glitch.

When extracting the Downloaded BIOS Zip folder from MSI for this motherboard, then extracting it to a Formatted FDD it actually extracts the Folder with the BIOS & AWFL865.EXE Utility inside the folder.

So problem was, when updating the BIOS, the command string typed could not see within the folder ! Simple and so anoying but all I needed to do was Cut the files out of folder on FDisk and paste back then delete Folder !

Another lesson learnt but a time consuming and frustrating one. My window lives another day.

I now have Dual Channel Memory on Boot showing & the Intel D940 is also recognised correctly !

Thanks PO79 & best wishes.

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