Proccesor Speed

  Newuser579 20:57 21 Aug 2003

How do I find it? A friend's selling a PC & doesn't know the anything about it. Ive looked in system info - doesn't say processor speed. I can't see any clock speed on boot up. He thinks it's about a 1500 but info only says processor Intel Pentium family 8,3 speed. It's not running well and I suspect it can be cured with a complete re-instal of Windows. It was bought with ME on it but someone put 98 on it & there's lots of errors coming up including no mouse detected that requires a reboot. Is this likley to be a problem that can be cured with software, or is something else wrong?

  DieSse 21:12 21 Aug 2003

Get a copy of AIDA32 and run that - it'll tell you pretty much all you need to know about the system specs.

  DieSse 21:12 21 Aug 2003
  Newuser579 11:42 23 Aug 2003

Thanks Die Sse, there was no point in me downloading AIDA32 & sending it him, so I sent him a link. Hopefully he'll be able to sus it out.

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