probs making audio cds from mp3s

  brett1500 09:32 28 Jun 2006

whenever i try to make an audio cd from mp3 files the cd plays but jumps in bits, although it doesnt cut out, the files all play perfect on windows media player im using xp, nero 7, and a 2 week old Medion lightscribe dvd writer (usb) ive also tried all kinds of discs but its got me stumped can anyone help?? ive also got a nec dvd writer which now takes an hour to write a 4.7 gig dvd and freezes the pc until finished is it knackered or have i done something Thanks in advance for anyone who can help out.

  john-232317 16:13 28 Jun 2006

Try this free player Jetaudio, its really handy and you can burn with it also. click here

  dogbreath1 16:21 28 Jun 2006

Reduce your burn speed. That helps.

  brett1500 22:02 30 Jun 2006

Thanks for your help guys

  woodchip 22:06 30 Jun 2006

You would better convert them to Wave files

  woodchip 22:08 30 Jun 2006

click here in the middle

  Confab 22:37 30 Jun 2006

Converting to Wav files will make no difference to your end result if you are using NERO. The problem is more likely to be that either your burn speed is too high or you’re using poor/cheap cd's.

First of all make sure your using CDR's not CDRW'S.

Have you tried the CD's on another CD player, if so do they play OK?

I have a fairly expensive system (over £1,500) but it just doesn't like CDR's. It will play freshly burnt ones but after a week or so they jump and skip tracks.

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