Probs with Fresh Install of Win98SE

  ilaister 19:55 19 Jun 2004

I had to format HD after a virus. When I came to re-install I'm told that line A20 can't be controlled (the himem.sys prob I've seen elsewhere on forums) Thing is, trying the solutions already posted (editing autoexec.bat or typing sys c:\ at the A: prompt) simply result in 'bad command' messages. The HD has been wiped with Maxtor's Maxblast tool (Caldera DrDos) when it tries to install cd drivers though, everything seems to go OK, but with echo on I see this:
English level is:0if error level ==3 goto CDSP,

and on through a couple of different options, none work though.. I had this problem last time I wiped my HD but I got it to work when I could access my D: Drive! I haven't a floppy with the relevant drivers (on CD =/) and my spare PC has no floppy drive.
Can anyone offer any adivice?
Also, when I DO manage to get as far as the Win98 install, it tells me that I already have an OS on the HD and I shouldn't really be using this particular setup prog for overwriting old installs.

  woodchip 19:58 19 Jun 2004

It sound like virus as messed the mbr up, so only a fdisk and format will move it

  Night Ryder 20:03 19 Jun 2004

I agree with "woodchip". What you could try is boot using a floppy disk {must contain the fdisk command). In the dos window type "Fdisk/MBR" to restore the master boot record.

  ilaister 20:05 19 Jun 2004

lol. How easy is it to install a new MB? I'm familiar enough with the gubbins inside a PC but MB installations are new to me..
Would the fact I had mismatched RAM sticks have anything to do with it? They seemed to be working fine, 256 MB and 64 MB sticks of PC100 RAM. Removed the extra one now tho...

  Night Ryder 20:10 19 Jun 2004

Replacing the master boot record is easy. Just do as I suggested earlier, remove the dos disk and continue with your window instalation.

  keith-236785 20:12 19 Jun 2004

woodchip summs it up, you need to fdisk and then format the hard drive before it will be usable.

boot with a win98 start up disk in floppy drive.

type at the prompt A:>


then in fdisk 1 to setup a partition, answer "Y" to enable LBA.

set the partition to use the maximum space and make active. (unless you want more than one partition) in which case, answer no to use full space, and when required enter the ammount of MB or % you want for drive C:

setup the other partitions as required.

then exit fdisk

restart your pc, on rebooting choose option 2 "start without cdrom support"

once finished to the prompt A:> type format c:

press enter and wait. once formatted, press enter to finish without giving the drive a name.

then reboot, choose option 1 "start with cd rom support"

when you get the prompt A:> type

D: (or whatever letter refers to your cdrom) +enter

then type

setup +press enter.

windows 98 setup should start.

  ilaister 20:00 21 Jun 2004

Thanks for the advice paperman and woodchip, but I'm still having no luck. Fdisk/mbr seems to do nothing, and following paper's instructions still left me with nothing but 'unable to control line A20!' so setup refuses to start whenever I try to run d:/setup, or boot from CD.
Is there anything else I can try? My HD is reformatted and partitioned ready for another attempt =)

  Graham ® 20:10 21 Jun 2004

Have a read here

click here

  Graham ® 20:16 21 Jun 2004

Also, download a 98SE OEM boot disk from to your desktop, double click with a clean floppy in the drive. Try booting with that.

  woodchip 21:51 21 Jun 2004

Fdisk/mbr Will not correct your problem as both MBR's an mest up. You need to run FDISK and it will clear the partition information and a new Partition will recreate MBR clean

  woodchip 22:00 21 Jun 2004

You have to Delete the partitions first using FDISK

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