Probs with DVD/CD writer since new graphic card

  Cmdr Vimes 14:55 26 Apr 2008

I'd be gratfeful for some advice. I installed a new graphics card (Asus 8800GT 512MB) 2 days ago. At the time time I was able to load the drivers for it directly from the CD provided without difficulty.

Today, the DVD/CD writer won't work. It has power but it won't recognise a DVD, or a gaming disc. If I put in an audio CD, its recognised by iTunes correctly, but it won't play. In fact, iTunes just locks up.

The device manager says its working normally. I tried to update the device drivers but they're up to date. I also checked the cables inside my pc and everything seems as it should, nothing lose etc.

I'm not sure quite what to do next. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:17 26 Apr 2008

I suspect the data cable is loose, disturbed when you fitted new card?

Check it at the rear of the drive an at the motherboard end.

  Cmdr Vimes 16:48 26 Apr 2008

OK. I'll check it again.

  skidzy 17:30 26 Apr 2008

This maybe a power issue if the connections are secure.

Adding that card will need more power,is your psu up to the job ?

I would say you need something in the region of 500 watt and its best to be a branded psu.

  skidzy 17:31 26 Apr 2008

Just to add,check for any firmware updates to the cd/dvd drive,though these are rarely needed.

  Cmdr Vimes 18:04 26 Apr 2008

My psu was 300W but I upgraded to 500W (Artic power) immediately before installing the graphics card.

  skidzy 18:13 26 Apr 2008

Im wondering if you need some Video codecs,maybe some are missing/corrupt.
Try the codec pack click here

  Cmdr Vimes 20:56 26 Apr 2008

Well I tried the cables in the back of the DVD/CD writer, motherboard and psu and it hasn't made a difference.

The new card was a tight fit and a little tricky to get in. The cable doesn't look obviously damaged.

  Cmdr Vimes 21:30 26 Apr 2008

Installing the codec package hasn't made any difference.

  Ditch999 21:32 26 Apr 2008

Go in to Device Manager and select the DVD drive and Uninstall it then reboot. Windows should detect it as a new device and reinstall it.

  Cmdr Vimes 09:51 27 Apr 2008

I thought that would do it. Windows detected and installed the DVD/CD rewriter as a new device. "Here we go!" I thought, but it still won't load/open any discs. Not sure what else to try from here.

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