proboard website highjack problem

  HOPE 16:58 23 Apr 2005

Everytime I go to my favourite website,click here the wepage changes to one which is incomplete,there is just a title which says proboard. I have no idea how this has happened.I have used allsorts of spyware programs to see if that is the problem.This problem occured some time ago and I cured it by changeing from firefox to internet explorer,now it happens on both.I have windows xp.
I would be grateful for any advice

  octal 17:11 23 Apr 2005

Have a check of your hosts file, it maybe redirecting it in there, the hosts file is located in:


Then look for 'hosts' there's no extension, just hosts. Open it in notepad and see if you can see the address www. if you can put a # at the start of the entry, save the file and try again.

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