Problems with Zone Alarm

  Red Devil 08:10 04 Nov 2007

Hi all,

OK, I use Zone Alarm for my firewall but I'm rapidly losing patience with it. It keeps locking out my internet connection for no apparent reason and I just cannot find a solution around it. I have to shut down Zone Alarm or restart my computer to be able to use the internet. Shutting down Zone Alarm and then restarting it doesn't solve the problem as the internet connection is still blocked out if I try this.

At first I thought it may be my PC but, as a test, I've now tried Zone Alarm on 3 different PCs, all with the same result.

Is anyone else having this issue and, if so, how did you solve it as I do like Zone Alarm and *want* to part with my hard earned for it but can't justify doing so if I can't get it working properly with my internet connection?


  Red Devil 08:13 04 Nov 2007

What I have noticed when Zone Alarm plays up is that it blocks *all* OUTGOING http and pop3 traffic only. FTP works fine, as done Peer-Peer and online gaming.

Incoming works fine so that I can receive e-mails but can't send.

It's really frustrating.

  johnnyrocker 08:40 04 Nov 2007

ZA went funnny on me too and in the end i ditched it for sygate been happy ever since.


  FatboySlim71 08:47 04 Nov 2007

I use Zone Alarm (free version) and I have never had these problems.

A couple of suggestions I can think of are,

If you open Zone Alarm up, move the mouse arrow over the GOLD PADLOCK, what does yours say when you do this?

Also whilst Zone Alarm is open, down the left hand side, click on the firewall option, can you tell me what the "trusted zone security" is set on.

  birdface 09:58 04 Nov 2007

You could try deleting it then run C Cleaner then re-install it.Or remove it all together and download Comodo or Kerio Firewalls in it's place.

  ste76 13:54 04 Nov 2007

Open Zone Alarm, click firewall on the left, click Advanced and place a tick next to both "allow outgoing DNS/DHCP in trusted zone on high setting" and "allow outgoing DNS/DHCP in internet zone on high setting" and click ok.

  Red Devil 07:06 12 Mar 2008

I now use Comodo firewall and haven't had any problems since switching over so I'm a happy little bunny now.

  nosharpe 18:09 11 Jul 2008

If you run Windows XP or 2000 and recently updated your software in the past week, you may have experienced a loss of internet connectivity.

Apparently one of the Microsoft updates conflicts with ZoneAlarm and this halted internet access.

ZoneAlarm have provided an update click here

It would've been nice if they told us first.

  cocteau48 19:16 11 Jul 2008

Lets face it ZoneAlarm have been forced to to issue a new program (not just an update) in order to try and preserve their excellent reputation after witnessing their credibility being blown out of the water by a totally irresponsible act by Microsoft.
To issue an update - and an automatic update at that - without investigating the possible conflicts with pre-existing software (particulary one of the most globally popular free firewalls)is utterly deplorable.
..... and have we had an apology from Microsoft....don't bother waiting.

  oldbeefer2 13:23 25 Sep 2008

Have a look here click here

  oldbeefer2 13:23 25 Sep 2008

sorry - missed nosharpe's post!

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