Problems with zhare download link...adblock plus

  julius44 07:29 12 Aug 2010

Hello guys, i seem to have a slight problem, and i'm hoping someone can help me pls. I'm using Firefox, but the problem is also same with IE8 and same problem with all 3 of my browsers!!!!!

I'm trying to download some mix cds that were emailed to me by a friend, but i keep getting the following message, when i copy and paste the link:

You Are Using Ad Block Plus or some other advert blocking software!
zSHARE relies on advertising for revenue!.
Please add zSHARE to your ad blocking whitelist or disable ad blocking when you visit zSHARE

Any suggestions pls?

  mgmcc 07:57 12 Aug 2010

You need to disable Adblock Plus (or any other Ad blocking software) temporarily so that the adverts on the page the link goes to are displayed. As long as you block the Ads, you won't be able to retrieve the files.

  julius44 08:03 12 Aug 2010

okay then mgmcc, but pls HOW do i do this pls......i didnt even have any idea that it was enabled in the first place!!!! I use kaspersky 2011 by the way, just checking that the firewall has nothing to do with this. Any more help would be much appreciated please!!

  mgmcc 09:44 12 Aug 2010

Adblock Plus is a specific "Add-on" that can be installed in Firefox to block Ads on web pages. If you haven't installed it, then another Ad blocker is causing the problem.

I've never used Kaspersky, so I don't know what features it has. If it does incorporate an Ad blocker, then disable that feature temporarily. Other than that, I cannot tell you what in your PC is blocking ads.

  birdface 10:22 13 Aug 2010

With or without my add blocker on all I get is red Xs from zShare.
And sometimes it will not open at all.
I would imagine it is my Anti-Malware program stopping it.

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