Problems with wireless connection (Err 105: Name not found)

  Matan007 13:01 23 Jan 2014

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate any light that you can shed on this matter and any help that you can give :)

Ok, here goes


Two stories house - router is somewhere on the 2nd floor

People using internet - at least 5, maybe more

Devices connected at all times - at least five, maybe more

Type of router - have no idea


ASUS EEEPC 10005HA - connecting via wireless

Win XP PC - connecting via USB tether link on smartphone (Sony Xperia)


I live in a house with couple of roommates. Landlord is on the 2nd floor and router is at his apartment (this is the reason why I don't know the type. He's an old guy and I doubt that I could explain to him why I need to access his room to look at the piece of plastic with an antenna).

My devices connect to the internet normally, except when they don't. When they don't, browsers like Chrome report Error 105: Name not found or something like that. These disconnections occur randomly, or at least it seems so.

The only pattern that I managed to observe is - whenever my roommate comes home and starts his computer my connection breaks. Whenever he's not home it works perfectly. I thought it might be something with clashing IP addresses so I tried playing with static IP's but nothing helped. If I leave the automatic IP (when he's home) it doesn't want to connect at all. When I manually change the address, it manages to connect, it manages to send some time for some short period of time then it stops/or disconnects (I manage to open a web page or three during this time but nothing more).

Can someone shed some light on what's going on?


  Bris 20:44 28 Jan 2014

It may be down to conflicts relating to the DHCP server which dynamically allocates IP addresses.

In your scenario it should be the router.

Bring up a command prompt and issue the command IPCONFIG /ALL then check the address of the gateway which should be something like which should be the address of the router. Check the address of the DHCP server which should also be Do this both when you have access and when you dont. If you come across an address beginning 168 then this means your PC cannot access the DHCP server and has assigned one of its own.

It could be that there is more than one DHCP server or that restrictions are in place on the router.

Unfortunately as you cannot access the router then you cant check this out.

Hope this helps.

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