problems with Windows Hardware Update Wizard

  alanmondey 10:07 19 Jul 2011

I'm running Windows XP.

I have an HPw19 monitor, whose native resolution is 1440x900. At the moment, images are stretched, so I assumed this had something to do with resolution, so I tried to reset it to 1440x900, but this figure just isn't in the list.

Someone suggested I changed the driver, but my own computer isn't connected to the Web, so I downloaded the driver for the HPw19 onto a memory stick, then copied it into My Documents on my own computer.

Then I started the Windows Hardware Update Wizard, but I got nowhere. I went through the following steps and got the following results:

1) to 'can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?' I clicked 'yes' and eventually got nowhere (a 'cannot find' message), then started again and clicked 'no' with the same result.

2) I clicked 'yes' to 'install software automatically?' and got 'wizard could not find a better match for your hardware than the software you currently have installed'.

3) I tried clicking 'yes' to 'install from list or specific location?' then 'yes' to ' search for best driver in these locations' and got the same answer as I got in (2) above.

4) I tried ' don't search - I will choose the driver to install'. I then clicked on 'select manufacturer and model of your hardware and click Next' then I got 'the wizard has finished installing the software' - but I still can't get 1440x900. And when I check the driver, I get:

Provider: unknown File version: unknown Copyright: unknown Digital signer: Microsoft Windows hardware compatability.

So I don't know if it's updated the driver or not, but suspect it hasn't. My guess is that it can't even find the driver, even though I put it into My Documents.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

  rdave13 10:27 19 Jul 2011

You will need to install the driver. Go to my documents and double click the file and follow instructions. Should auto install.

  retep888™ 13:07 19 Jul 2011

You should update your graphic card driver ,normally this could be sorted out thru' Windows update.

Quote: but my own computer isn't connected to the Web makes it a little bit tricky, if it's never been connected to internet then it's not fully updated.

Have you still got the motherboard CD (onboard graphic) or graphic card driver CD (separate gx card) ? You can download the graphic card driver and install/update it from there. More PC spec infos will help members to help you.

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