problems with Windows 2000

  KeithMH 10:41 25 Jan 2007

I've recently upgraded from W98SE to W2000 (I always like to be at the leading edge!) and now I wish I hadn't bothered.

Problems I've encountered include:

not being able to open folders from the desktop, although I can do most things via start/programs/accessories/windows explorer. If I try to open via desktop, I can do no more before rebooting

not being able to use 'search'

frequent reports of 'runtime' errors

'buffer overrun' error warnings followed by shut down.

Any ideas, anyone?

  fitshase 10:46 25 Jan 2007

Go back to Win98!

Nothing wrong with it as we have only just upgraded from Win98 to XP at work.

  KeithMH 11:20 25 Jan 2007

Unfortunately, going back to W98 dosn't seem to be very easy. It looks like I'd have to back up all my files (itself made difficult by the present problems), format the whole disk and start again from scratch.

Unless you know better.......

  Diemmess 11:23 25 Jan 2007

No, don't be a whimp!
Pioneers have a hard road to travel but the reward will justify the effort.

My W2k is version 5 with SP4 and has a 'Repair' facility.

Have you used an upgrade CD or a full version?
My own (very limited) experience makes me doubt the overall safety of upgrading various versions of Windows. Upgrading seems to bring out the worst in me, but it must be possible for ordinary mortals or there would have been uproar.

  KeithMH 11:31 25 Jan 2007

I have used an upgrade.

I shall look further into the repair option, but I should mention that the problems persist even in 'SAFE' mode and that using an Emergency Repair Disk doesn't work either, nor does Last Known Good Configuration.

  Diemmess 11:40 25 Jan 2007

No indeed, you are no whimp. I was amused by your opening comment -(I always like to be at the leading edge!)- and continued in the same vein after fitshase said "Go back to W98SE."

The move to W2000 is really worth the effort, I'm just sorry you are having trouble.

Lamely, I have no first hand experience of upgrading to 2000. My bad times go back much further than that.

  stylehurst 13:57 25 Jan 2007

out of interest, how did you upgrade from W98 to W2K?
The best way to have done it would have been to have reformatted your hard disk so you were starting with a clean slate, and installeda clean version of W2K. As you head an upgrade disk it would have asked for your W98 disk, but there would have been no need to install a W98 and then upgrade.
W2K is far superior in terms of stability to W98, I would even go so far as to say it is superior to XP

  KeithMH 11:22 30 Jan 2007

I installed W2000 over an existing W98SE installation.

Oddly, I have solved the problem of opening folders from the desktop by reinstalling Internet Explorer 6! How odd.

I still get frequent reports of 'runtime' and 'buffer overrun' errors.

  recap 11:34 30 Jan 2007

Check the Event Viewer in Admin Tools for further errors. You can check out the meaning of these errors if you click here

Download all the latest updates including SP4 for W2k.

For W2k SP4 click here

For W2k Rollup 1 for SP4 click here

  KeithMH 11:51 30 Jan 2007

Thanks for that. It should keep me occupied for a while.

  MichelleC 12:30 30 Jan 2007

You'll need sp4 for it to run properly. If not a 'repair' usually does the trick. NT is a very stable environment.

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