problems when I load up computer windows me

  Tim Dalton 14:44 15 Jun 2003

Hi I'm experiencing a few problems just after my computer has loaded up.

Firstly when I select settings, then control panel, from the start button it doesn't work. Instead I get a dotted line around the start button, if I try to press again nothing happens. If you leave it a couple of minutes the control panel finally loads up. It not like the computer has little memory left or I'm not waiting for everything to load. I do.

Also if you try to open an image in my pictures by double clicking the whole thing freezes up and you have to press control alt delete to close it down. When it finally does this, I get a white screen and are asked if I want to restore my active desktop. The application it says that's not responding is msgsrv32 (whetever that is)

Finally at times if you press the the show desktop icon at the bottom, the entire toolbar disappears. I'm sure these are related, I'm getting too many error messages to go into them all. My entire system is pants!

  crx1600 15:03 15 Jun 2003

i have similar problems with winME when 'active desktop' is enabled. right-click on your desktop, highlight active desktop, and remove tick from 'show web content'.

then try a restart.

  Mango Grummit 18:20 15 Jun 2003

It can be a corrupt driver causing this or, quite often, a problem with Power Management.

However a machine that has been working OK does not often change without some human assistance so can you tell us when this problem started and if you have installed something recently or made any changes to your settings?

  DieSse 18:42 15 Jun 2003

Also stop FindFast and MDM from running - this often solves this problem.

  Tim Dalton 20:21 15 Jun 2003

I tried the active desktop thing and removing web content tick, but it caused the whole computer to freeze. I must have reset my machine 5 times. Now if I go to control panel from the start, everything freezes, if I'm in internet explorer that still works but I can't get out of the screen and go back to the desktop. I've had everything disappearing from the screen for a sec and then coming back. Like when you get the white safe screen.

I have to reset my computer evertime, control alt delete doesn't do anything.

Everytime I get msgsrv32 not responding. Also guess what my printer now doesn't work. My luck is terrible!

I had it unplugged for a few weeks, just tried plugging it in again and the green light doesn't even come on. It has a seperate power supply, so I don't know if that or the printer is faulty. I tried the power supply on a torch and that works after I got a bit of a spark!

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