Problems when burning a movie

  Emile 11:39 16 Nov 2007

I use nero 6+. burning a movie from the harddisk drive to a cd or dvd(depending on the size of the movie), I use "make Data cd or dvd". I add the files and then burn. These cd's or dvd's will play on a computer, but not a dvd player. Why? Do I need to use "make dvd or cd video". please help

  jack 11:49 16 Nov 2007

DVD players can be very 'picky' with regard 'Burned' discs.
Nothing wrong with the disk.
This is due to the many 'chip set' variations with the various brand and qualities of player.
The manual for your machine should elucidate exactly which discs it will or not play.
It is said and I certainly have proved the more 'High-end'[How I hate the phrase] the device the fussier they get.
I do various presentations with my own burned CD/DVD's and have to accommodate others from group members and that 'cheapo' Phillips from ASDA will play them all.
Last year on a cruise I was invited to do a presentation of a previous cruise on the same vessel and I took along my 'Home burned'
CD .
I had my doubts about the ability to run the show on the ships sophisticated broadcast quality set up.
When I took it to the Techie- and expressed my fears- that's OK he said digging out and plugging up the $50 WalMart player this plays anything.

  MAJ 11:50 16 Nov 2007

You need to use, Make DVD Movie or VCD. You also need to have the correct codecs installed. If you're using Nero 6 reloaded, I think it has the codecs, if you're using the OEM version of Nero 6, then you need to buy the codecs from Nero.

Having said that, I'm using the OEM version of Nero 6 (came with my DVD recorder) and have installed the K-Lite Codec Pack and it seems to work okay, even though I haven't bought the official Nero codecs. click here

I'm now trying out Nero 8 trial which includes the official codecs. click here

  martjc 11:54 16 Nov 2007

CD Rs or DVD Rs. You may be better using cd video as your method. But it all depends on the player you're using, some just won't do what you want - weren't designed for it.

Check your player here. click here

  FungusBoggieman 11:54 16 Nov 2007

Are the data files you burn been converted to .vob files or are you burning mpg or avi, as unless you dvd player suports divx they wont play,

does your dvd player support the disc you burn to most dvd players will only plat dvd-r.

when burning with nero if you have .vob/ifo/bup files burn in nero/burning ROM/DVD/DVD Video. and not as data.

  Bagsey 14:40 16 Nov 2007

Have you finalised your disc after burning? Many players do not like unfinalised discs made in a different machine. It is worth a try. Also if you are using Nero it gives you the option of burning a VCD SVCD or Video DVD have you used one of those options.?? I doubt if a data disc will be much use.

  jimv7 15:59 16 Nov 2007

Use nero vision express, chose make dvd and follow the steps to add your files.

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