problems watching videos

  edd78 21:22 31 Oct 2011

every time i want to watch video content like youtube or i player video always buffering cant seem to watch video properly as it is always stopping

  johnnyrocker 21:29 31 Oct 2011

do you have anything else running at the same time? OS? and is flash player up to date?


  edd78 21:37 31 Oct 2011

flash player is up to date. how do you know if there is anything running at the same time

  johnnyrocker 21:40 31 Oct 2011

more information as asked please.


  eedcam 22:13 31 Oct 2011

Look in task manager applications and also processes

  mobing 03:06 01 Nov 2011

check the settings of the media player !

  lotvic 09:47 01 Nov 2011

What connection speed to the internet do you have?

  Sea Urchin 11:13 01 Nov 2011

Try downloading Speedbit Video Accelerator - it works for YouTube and many other apps


  johnnyrocker 21:44 01 Nov 2011



  edd78 20:25 07 Nov 2011

cheers for the replys

to mobing what settings do i need to change in media player lotvic got 10 mb internet speed

  lotvic 21:41 07 Nov 2011

edd78, a word to the wise, ignore the mobing inane posts.

Always check someones profile to get an idea of how much to trust their advice. (Just click on their name and a box will pop up)

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