Problems with VISTA

  originallyinsane 11:57 02 Jun 2009

I am looking to buy a new laptop, but all my friends who have Vista have experienced problems with it.

In the many years i have had XP i have never had a problem... i dont really want vista if im going to have problems, what a pain!

Basically im worried about having to find VISTA drivers for my printer and webcam (although the new lappy may already have built in one)and not running programs properly.

My housemates new vista laptops screen often goes blank when opening applications and stuff..


WHAT bugs have you found with Vista? any problems you have experienced?

The lappy i want has a pentium dual core processor 2.06GHZ and 2gb ram

  ventanas 12:26 02 Jun 2009

What bugs/problems have I found with Vista, running on three machines for a long time now - none at all.

You will probably find it much easier to get hold of Vista drivers for your hardware than you will XP drivers for the laptop, which are probably non-existant. That's assuming you can get hold of a retail copy of XP.

Absolutely no problems with programs either - some going back a quite a few years.

  mooly 12:40 02 Jun 2009

No real problems with Vista on my 2.5 yr old notebook... IMO much better than XP. 2GB RAM is fine.
No compatability problems, never locks up like XP, never seen a BSOD... it's great.
Use it, customise it, and don't fiddle is my advice.

  Seth Haniel 12:55 02 Jun 2009

on right to see the problems peole are having

  Pine Man 15:20 02 Jun 2009

Two years old Vista and still sweet as a nut!

  sunnystaines 07:40 03 Jun 2009

vista ok here, only complaint media player is hit and miss playing some dvd's so I use K-Lite to cover that.

Otherwise is OK make sure it has 2g of RAM or it will run slower.

  colberly 08:52 03 Jun 2009

When I had to buy a new PC, old one broke before Christmas I was worried about Vista but have had no problems so far. Once I got used to it I found it very easy to use.

  Input Overload 15:37 03 Jun 2009

Vista is the best operating system so far released for Windows, for reasons unclear people often who have never used it love to knock it. I've used it since day one & before on Beta, no problems.

  Fingees 16:03 03 Jun 2009

No problems with Vista.
I have always liked it.

However, Windows 7 is due out later in the year, if you can wait.

  originallyinsane 12:53 05 Jun 2009

Windows 7 is due out already? Gee that was quick wasnt it? Wasnt XP around for years?

  Joe G 13:26 05 Jun 2009


The main problem I have had is that Vista eats hard disc space for no apparent reason (a number of other people have same problem). For that reason make sure you buy a laptop with a large system partition on the drive - I expanded mine from 38Gb as with Vista & a small number of other programmes installed it was starting to fill up. The problem eased when I reduced the number of restore points it keeps and dug into the 'hidden' files with WinDirStat but it was a pain and it still seems to eat space!

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