Problems with Vista

  pcbobby 18:43 30 Apr 2008

OS Windows Vista Home basic

Acer Aspire 5315
1Gb DDR2

My elderly neighbour recently bought a laptop as above spec. She does have a clue about computers! She came to me – and I am only a notch above novice!

I did find that the ‘fast talking’ salesman at **world, had loaded about everything that was in the shop! Of which about 10 % was 30 day trial with option to purchase.

I managed to uninstall some items, including ‘most’ of MS Office Home Student 2007 (a trial version). But when I tried to install Word 97 to replace it - it failed.

I have two questions.
1. Is there a similar facility to Word 97 ? It does not have to be elaborate. Freebie if possible.


2. Can I do a clean install of XP over the Vista?

Many thanks.

  Fingees 18:49 30 Apr 2008

You may be able to install word 97, and run it in compatibility mode. I honestly don't know, but I suggest you install open office, which does the same and more, and it's free.

I have used vista since it came out, and would not go back to xp..
apart from anything else, as it's a new computer, the drivers, and various other things may not suit XP, and could cause even more problems.

All the best.

  pcbobby 18:54 30 Apr 2008

Thank you Fingees.
I note your points re XP and the Open Office.

  tullie 19:02 30 Apr 2008

You can say pcworld you know,no need for **

  pcbobby 19:10 30 Apr 2008

How did you guess!!!!
I could use other expletives about them - but the forum is not the place!!

  pcbobby 20:21 30 Apr 2008

Any more comments or advice about installing XP over Vista?

  diddi.ash 20:53 30 Apr 2008

I have just got my new pc from dell, with WINDOWS vista, and it is the best thing ever, love it it so much cooler than XP..

  MAT ALAN 21:07 30 Apr 2008

Hey Joe, Hows ya doing my friend, Vista EH!!

You will need to do a clean install. Have all drivers and
laptop-specific software for XP ready before you do this. You should
probably check with the laptop mftr. as this is a new computer as to
whether or not doing this will void the warranty.

drivers arn't a big issue you can always find them for the peripherals the PC has...


  ventanas 22:33 30 Apr 2008

You may have problems going back to XP. It's possible drivers are not available as this is a new machine built for Vista.
But it is underpowered. You need to double the memory and it should be fine. PC World have a habit of doing this, as do others.
click here and do the check, and order one more Gb. Very easy to fit.
Any way going back to XP is only going back to an inferior, outdated system.
And you will certainly invalidate the warranty.

  pcbobby 07:45 01 May 2008

Thank you all for your contrbutions.

I have installed a small stand alone word processing facility, AbiWord. It works well with no intervention from what remains of MS Office etc.

As indicated above, I have uninstalled most of the Trial software, and installed freebie PC protection as recommend by members on other threads.

Once again, your help greatly appreciated.

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