Problems using a CRT monitor as a TV screen......

  Antonio Machado 20:22 14 Oct 2009

Hello experts !

I have a 21" DELL Trinitron Monitor D1626HT (viewable area 20") and I would like to use it to watch DVDs and VHS from my Sony VHS/DVD player (SLV-D380P combo), I am using a special cable HDB 15 male to RCA plug*3 molded type. But for some reason I just get the audio, not the video signal. The audio is no problem because I have a separate RCA to RCA cable (white and red) plugged into my small music system into the "Aux" inlets.

But I can't make the video signal go through the Monitor, it just appears the message "Information: monitor is working, input 2: 15.7 kHz / 60Hz. Out of scan range. Change signal timing. White, Red, Green, Blue."

What is "change signal timing"? I guess there is where I could find a clue to get the video signal.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions, best, Antonio Machado.

  MAT ALAN 20:39 14 Oct 2009

Your video card is sending a frequency to high for your monitor, reduce the resolution and the refresh rate.

  Antonio Machado 20:58 14 Oct 2009

Hello Mat: thanks a lot for making time to help me with this problem. I think that will be the solution, but my friend, when you say "Your video card is sending a frequency to high for your monitor, reduce the resolution and the refresh rate", could you please explain me more ? how could I do that without having any video signal at all ? is that something I should be able to do from the VHS/DVD player ? but even in that case I couldn't make anything without having a video signal first. Or is that something I could do from the monitor ? After reading your suggestion I have been manipulating the small buttoms at the front of my monitor but it doesn't appear any messsage in the screen, contrary to what happens when I have the same monitor hooked to my P.C., then I can calibrate and regulate the brightness, the position of the signal on the screen, etc.
Please continue helping me my friend, best, Antonio.

  MAT ALAN 22:03 14 Oct 2009

click here
refresh rate

click here
screen resolution

the links should help...

I think you will need to do this before you connect it to anything first...

  Antonio Machado 22:30 14 Oct 2009

Hello Mat ! Thanks again for being so helpful with me, I think now I am in the right track, thanks for those links, very informative. I have a problem though: I forgor to mention that I have a multimonitor system (four 21" CRT monitors) so after visiting those links now I am afraid that if I change the Screen Resolution in Windows that will affect to all my monitors, am I right ? how could I just change the Screen Resolution only for the Monitor I want to use as a TV screen ? that monitor of course is not part of the multi monitor system and it is not connected now to my P.C., I was wondering if I could connect it briefly to my P.C. (let us say instead of the Monitor # 1/4) just to change the Screen Resolution of it and then take it back from the system ? please tell me how to do something like that... thanks again, Jose.

  Stuartli 22:51 14 Oct 2009

I have a 21in Belinea CRT monitor and watch TV via a Twinhan Freeview PCI TV card and Showshifter software.

I make no changes to my choice of the monitor's configured colour/resolution/refresh rates, the latter being 1152x864 and 85Hz, whilst watching TV.

The full screen TV display is first class although I also switch it to a smaller corner screen to allow surfing or using programs or applications.

Although I have a dual monitor output graphics card (ATi Radeon 9550) I don't use it for such a purpose, but I believe you can configure the settings separately for each monitor from Display Properties>Settings tab.

  Antonio Machado 17:20 15 Oct 2009

Thanks a lot for your help my friends. I followed your indications and also the steps explained in the links both for "refresh rate" and "change screen resolution", a lot of options and combinations without results. The screen continues displaying me the message "Monitor is working. Input 2: 15.7 kHz/60Hz out of scan range. Change signal timing". So I have two questions for you my friends: (1) I checked the Owner's Manual for this DELL Trinitron Ultrascan P1110 and it says the max. resolution is 1800x1440/75.Hz, should I set it up at those specifications ? (2) what is "Change signal timing" ? that phrase might contain the solution. Now it is important to notice that while I was doing all these attempts I had the Monitor with the two sources plugged into it: the "Input 1" connected to the P.C. so I could program it and the "Input 2" connected to the DVD player which was running a DVD movie. Does that have something to do ? please notice also that although I set it up at 75 Hz, it continues appearing the message saying "Input 2: 15.7kHz/60Hz" so aparently is not taking the instructions to go to 75Hz, what can I do about that ?
Thanks again, looking forward to news from you. Best, Antonio.

  MAT ALAN 19:48 15 Oct 2009

click here

Its not your model of monitor but it sorta explains whats going on and a possible resolve, (all a bit techie too)

  Stuartli 19:59 15 Oct 2009

I would suggest that it might be the HDB 15 male to RCA plug*3 molded type cable you are using that is the problem.

  Antonio Machado 21:59 15 Oct 2009

Hello Mat !

That's a great link, thank you very much. I think in that link could be the solution. Now I have a question: that link says literally "CHANGE SIGNAL TIMING appears on the screen. If you are replacing an old monitor with this monitor, reconnect the old monitor. Then adjust the computer's graphic board so that the horizontal frequency is between 30 - 121 kHz, and the vertical frequency is between 48 - 160 Hz".

How can I do that ? as you see I am not an expert in P.Cs. but if you give me some indications I could try to do it.

Looking forward to your answer. Best, Antonio.

  Antonio Machado 22:02 15 Oct 2009

Hello Stuartli: thanks again for all your help. I was thinking the same, the cable might be the problem. But then I realized that even when I set the monitor up to 75Hz it continues saying it is at 60Hz so I am giving second thoughts to the cable option. Mat kindly sent me a link which I would like to ask you to read, probably we could find something interesting in it, please read it and give me your thoughts...

Thanks again for all your help. Best regards from New Jersey U.S.A., Antonio.

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