Problems upon problems

  misters 20:02 05 Feb 2003

Hi irestart my pc with a bootable floppy, dont ask me why? but i seem to have lost my isp logo in the top right hand corner of my browser window it seem to have went back to the little world spinning around. Am I still using my own isp if this happens?

Also on my dial up connection my save password has grayed out and i have to type my password each time i connect, any ideas how i get it to save my password?

Also i know this is an old one but each time my pc boots up it ask for my username/password, how do i stop this from happening again?

thanx in advance.

  misters 21:18 05 Feb 2003

Does anybody know how to solve any of these problems? Pleeeeeezzz

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:34 05 Feb 2003

yes, you are still using your ISP. To check go to IE-tools-internet options-connections and dbl left click on your default connection. The contents of your sign up folder have been deleted but this is what many people do to get rid of branding.

Greyed out password....make sure the microsoft client service is installed in network neighborhood.. or,

1. Go to Start>Find>Files & Folders... type in *.pwl and delete all .pwl files in c:\windows

2. Go to start>Run, type sysedit. Maximize the system.ini
Delete all lines under
[Password Lists]

3. Go to ControlPanel>Network
Choose Windows Logon as Primary Login


You should now get the login box one last time. Type in your name. Just click OK for no password. Now right-click on Internet Explorer on the desktop, choose properties. click the Connections tab, highlight your dial-up and click the settings button and imput your dial-up password here.

Another way..... if you don't see network neighborhood on your desktop..go to the control panal.and click on network..and click add and add that service or, in full,....When Windows 95/98 boots up initially and you are asked to login a password, if you click the Cancel button the password cache list file is not opened and subsequent password
entries cannot be saved.

The solution to this is to enter a "null" password on boot. When you start Windows, you may be prompted to log on to Windows 95/98 with a password. If you do not want to log on using a password each time you boot, do not type anything in the password box. Just enter the name you wish in the User Name box, leave the Password box blank, and click OK. The prompt should not be displayed again.

The unavailable password checkbox can also occur if you have installed Dial-Up Networking but the client for Microsoft Networks has not been installed on your computer. To enable the option to check the Save Password box, perform the following:

Click on START - SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL and the Double-Click on the NETWORK icon.

Click on the ADD button.

Click on CLIENT and then click the ADD button again.

Under the Manufacturers window, click MICROSOFT. Now click Client for Microsoft Networks under the Network Clients window to the right and then click OK and cancel out of the Select Network Component Type window.

Now click OK to exit out of the Network window.

Windows will now install the necessary components, follow any on-screen prompts that may appear. If windows ask you to restart the computer, then click YES. If windows do not ask you to restart your computer, then click START -SHUTDOWN - RESTART THE COMPUTER and then click YES.

When windows is finished reloading, select your Dial-Up Network connection. You will now have the ability to check the Save Password box, place a check in the box at this time. You must then successfully connect using Dial-Up Networking in order for the password to remain saved the next time that you select Dial-Up Networking.

Dump the boot here or Go into the MS-DOS prompt, and go into the C:\WINDOWS directory.
type DEL*.PWL

Restart windows, and when it asks for a password, enter a username with no password and click OK.


  MAJ 21:34 05 Feb 2003

I'll take a shot at the log in problem.

In Windows 9x, go to Control Panel/Passwords/ User Profiles tab and make sure it is set to "all users use same preferences". Then do a search of your hard drive for your .pwl file. When you find it, delete it. Then reboot the computer. You will get the logon box again, enter your username but DO NOT enter a password, leave that field blank. Hit the OK button, NOT THE CANCEL BUTTON. That should do it for you, Misters.

  MAJ 21:37 05 Feb 2003

You're just too good, GANDALF <|:-)>

  misters 22:51 05 Feb 2003

I agree ur just to good GANDALF <|:-)>

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